Top 10 music artists you must follow

Pandemic has essentially affected each and every industry, taking the music industry to a whole new regime and frame. Considering the change in the playground, Instagram influencers, especially Musicians, have been able to come out on top and have been able to conduct online concerts and have been able to stay connected to their fans throughout the phase 

There has been a surge in the rise of new musicians, whom you should definitely follow.
Here is a list 

  1. Mahesh Raghvan: There are only a few brilliant artists who have mastered the art of Carnatic Fusion Artists. Mahesh Raghavan is known for this and his regular experiments He’s been trained in Carnatic music and Keyboard. Not only this he puts his iPad to use with the help of the Geoshred app to bring magic to his musical experiments. Mahesh is also the Creative Director of Indian Raga, a US-based organisation promoting classical arts. You can find him on Instagram with his handle @followingmahesh 
  1. Arunaja: Kerala born Arunaja is slowly rising to the top, with her debut track ‘Broken” crossing 1.5 million views on Youtube Alone. You can follow her on Instagram with her ID @arunaja93 
  2. Blottin: Though Pandemic added silence to clubs and pubs during the lockdown, DJ Blottin was not one to stay silent during this time, and continued to crack tracks and bring fire to his music. Follow him and his music on Instagram @Blottin 
  3. Anushka: Anushka has been quite popular back in the days, from her early days in her band VIVA, lockdown brought a revival to her hits, Jaago Zara, Sher has certainly upped her musical content with her band during this lockdown, follow her on Instagram @kissnuka 
  4. Shravan Sridhar : Shravan is a chennai based Violinist who conveys a wide range of emotions and feelings through his exceptionally well cover songs of brilliant indian and global compositions.Follow him on Instagram @shravansridhar   
  5. Vidya Vox : Vidya Vox is quite a well known fusion artist who had nothing stopping her from making a mark not even the lockdown . Follow her at @vidyavox  
  6. Shirley Setia: Shirley Setia is not a new name to the fusion modern Artits who inspire everyone , you can find her instagrama at @shirleysetia   
  7. Ankur Tewari : Ankur brings the lost music back to life with his ability to create music that reignites the emotions and feelings across. Follow him on Instagram @ankurtewari 
  8.    Arman Menzies: Arman employs various emotions and feelings to bring about his music with a dash o modernity. Follow him at @ Zokhuma
  9. Sandunes :Sanaya Ardeshir; a producer, composer and synth player at Sandunes. Instagram @sandunemusic