Music as a Career: 10 Things to do

Music as a career

When you begin to think about choosing music as your career, there are often many possibilities overlooked, if you ask a general audience what would a career in music look like, a reply would portray a person standing on a stage alone with spotlights and singing to the audience in an event. But music as a career has an entirely different outlook than just portraying the said scenario. Music carries much more as a career than just performing at events., it evolves an amalgamation of many different disciples. Calls for extreme versatility, the more opportunities you pick up the better chances you would have to work in the industry.

The music industry has a high entry barrier, which means breaking into music is harder than any other business, but if you make awesome pieces, and network with the right people, you can rise despite the high competition. The Essence of the music industry is that the more versatile you are the more opportunities you are bound to get more views than most. 

Following are the out of generic Careers in the Music industry which you could consider taking up. 

  1. Music Producer :  Music Producers get best of both worlds, they understand both creative and commercial side of the work and they happen to develop relations with both musicians and record labels . A producer enables an environment that allows artists to create and express themselves
  2. Recording Engineer : An audio or a recording engineer is responsible for recording, capturing and manipulating of sounds in the studio, typically combining both traditional analogue audio ,and modern digital sounds. A recording engineer is also responsible for organising recording sessions and repairing an tech proble, if and when they arise 
  3. Session Musician : As a session musician you back and help other musician’s album or their acts on stage, this allows you freedom to play with multiple styles, genres and different musicians. You may also be asked to join a recording session or join a band on tour 
  4. Artist Manager : Artist managers are the opportunity creators, who connect and propel musicians in the music business and Whole heartedly believe in their artists. Sometimes Artist Mangers are so crucial that with them him or her the artist may very well be invisible. 
  5. Tour Manager: As a Tour manager you’re directly involved with every aspet of a band’s career , you’re the mastermind who handles everything from transacrtions to scheduling to finances etc 
  6. Music Teacher: Often underrated and Often overlook , Teaching music can take a lot of forms, You could teach at a school, a music shop or even teach independently or privately , you also would have the freedom to choose the age group you want to teach , If you like to encourage people , sharing knowledge , this is the job for you.
  7. Booking Agent : The primary role here for a booking agent is bring band to onstage as much as possible. Boookings agents facilities primarily all of the logistics around live performances, equipment and even the hospitality 
  8. Music Publicist: A music publicist works closely with media outlets, marketers and venues and ensures that every event is covered by the media. The hardwork here pays off in a  very tangible way 
  9. Composer : It is believed so that the composers are mosly tied to just the classical genre, but in modern time they write for tv,video games and even Films. They also write and arrange live music.
  10. Music Arranger: The act of taking a written piece of music and reorganising it into a new sound or goal is done by the Music Arranger. Basically adding different vibe to a sound which is not so exciting or the client may find it so