How and Why to Make an Artist Page on Facebook

artist page on Facebook - Deliver My Tune

When it comes to music promotion, there is one staple you should not miss- creating a page on Facebook. It’s an important platform to connect with fans and build a brand image for yourself or your band.

So let’s get straight to business.

Why do you need a Facebook page as a musician?

Facebook is still the largest social network so why you need to promote your music on it is out of the question. But why is a page better for promotion than your profile is another thing altogether.

The #1 benefit has to be the security of the personal information that your profile contains. Secondly, a page has more features such as:

  • Any Facebook user can view your content. Your posts will go to their feeds if they like your page and you don’t have to accept friend requests manually for each of them.
  • You can share the admin access with your band members, your manager who can also post when you can’t do it.
  • Use advertising tools to sell merchandise, announce new releases, and a lot more.
  • Use Page Insights to give you a full demographic breakdown of your page visitors and the performance of your posts.
  • Now that you’re convinced, let’s learn how to set up a page.

How to create your brand/artist page?

  1. Login to your profile, go to ‘Create’ on the top right of your Home page and select ‘Page
  2. Choose the type of page you would like to set up (Business/Brand OR Community/Public Figure).
  3. Use your artist/band name to name your page.
  4. Select ‘Musician/Band’ from the category and agree to the terms of service.

Now, add and customize the following things:

  • Set your own URL for the page. This makes it easier to remember or find. Keep it as simple as
    (For example
  • Add the profile photo and the cover image. To get your fans hooked at the beginning, you can make the cover a video. It can be a teaser about your career or a highlight of any of your music videos.
  • Add a call to action button which is placed right below your cover image. The options provided by Facebook are: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, or Watch Video. You can choose what suits you best.
  • Be sure to fill out the ‘About’ section. Add your bio, write about your music, add interests, found date, and as many things as you can fill.
  • You can also add milestones that will give a timeline on the right side of your page. Add founded date, record release dates, prominent tour dates, etc.

Once you’ve set up everything you’re ready to publish your page. Like pages of your favorite artists/bands, music labels, etc. Invite friends or existing fans to like your page and get started. Make sure to post regularly, create events, go live, etc., to maintain the engagement otherwise your fans will lose interest.

Running a page is not so difficult if you just give some time to it. It’ll help in boosting your online presence and give you the means to reach a wide audience.