Are you launching your music for the first time? Read this blog

If you’re reading this chances are you are about to release your own music and you’re confused as to what to do and how to promote it. Though there is no sure shot way to make sure your music skyrockets or anything but then is a well-known fact that you will have to struggle and work harder than you’ve ever to make a name in this industry. The universe of streaming and social media is a tad bit complex and is unpredictable for sure. But there are a few best practices which combined with your efforts and a little extra attention, can load the dice in your favour.

You could do the following things 

  1. Document everything and your entire writing/ recording processes.: Once you’ve decided to launch your own music you need to start documenting the entire process.
    You would be having a potential advantage over major labels and major artists, as the small, dedicated audience, who listen to your music would feel like they have discovered a secret and something unique. The best way to keep your fans closely attached to you is to share the behind the scenes look at how you make your music. 

By documentation, you can start with keeping a track of what inspired you for the music, when you write a song, try understanding the emotions behind it, the people who you worked with while writing the song, the circumstances which compelled you to write this, the circumstances, the situations anything and everything which can help your fans connect.
Second could be once you start recording please take as many pictures and videos as you can, try to take the entire vibe of the room into one shot, the stories behind your instruments and even the gear you use, and the funny studio jokes you can think of and don’t forget your mess-ups. 

  1. Use Deliver myTune as your distributor: Unless you have a major label signed with you, it would be wiser to use a digital aggregator as it will not only ease up your pain of distribution but will also assist you in fan management and help you with proper music distribution in a world where finding the right digital distributor is difficult.
    Not only this DMT is fast too , let your music distribute in the least possible time.  Thus allowing you to release your music almost as soon as you’re done and with almost all major digital platforms. 
  2.  Release as many singles as you can :  Once you’re done finishing your music, you’d want to release it entirely  as soon as you can, which may not be the right approach, as Good Things come to those who wait.  When you have a project finished and you’re ready to release it  , it would be best if you release some singles first and then rest of htem a month apart. For each single it would be ideal to give a month’s space. 
  3. Cascade them singles:  The traditional album cycle which we have been following since some time has gone through a lot of changes, one of the major changes that we have witnessed is waterefalling or cascading( supposedly started by Chainsmokers) the idea behind this is to release a single first normally then when you’re about to drop your second single, you pair it with your first.

    Bottom line is that whatever music you’re making you should be proud of it while you’re releasing find time to be grateful and remove yourself from the thoughts of comparison of people releasing music or the big labels. Having a clear mind and confidence will inevitably lead to better music.