Are You Launching Your Music for the First Time? Read This Blog

If you’re reading this, chances are you are about to launching your music for the first time and you’re confused about what to do and how to promote it. Though there is no sure-shot way to ensure your music skyrockets, it is a well-known fact that you will have to struggle and work harder than you’ve ever done to make a name in this industry. The universe of streaming and social media is a tad bit complex and unpredictable for sure. But there are a few best practices which, combined with your efforts and a little extra attention, can load the dice in your favor.

Document Everything: Your Entire Writing and Recording Process

Once you’ve decided on launching music for the first time, you need to start documenting the entire process. You have a potential advantage over major labels and major artists, as the small, dedicated audience who listen to your music will feel like they have discovered something unique and special. The best way to keep your fans closely attached to you is to share the behind-the-scenes look at how you make your music.

Why Documentation Matters

By documenting, you can start with keeping track of what inspired you for the music. When you write a song, try to understand the emotions behind it, the people who you worked with while writing the song, and the circumstances that compelled you to write it. This includes anything and everything that can help your fans connect with you on a deeper level.

Second, once you start recording, take as many pictures and videos as you can. Try to capture the entire vibe of the room in one shot, the stories behind your instruments, and even the gear you use. Don’t forget to include funny studio jokes and your mess-ups. These authentic moments help build a narrative that your audience can follow and feel a part of.

Use Deliver My Tune as Your Distributor

Unless you have a major label signed with you, it would be wiser to use a digital aggregator. This not only eases the pain of distribution but also assists you in fan management and helps with proper music distribution. In a world where finding the right digital music distributor is difficult, Deliver My Tune (DMT) stands out. DMT is fast, allowing you to distribute your music in the least possible time. This means you can release your music almost as soon as you’re done, and on almost all major digital platforms.

Release as Many Singles as You Can

Once you’re done finishing your music, you might want to release it entirely as soon as you can. However, this may not be the right approach. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” When you have a project finished and you’re ready to release it, it’s best to release some singles first and then the rest a month apart. For each single, it would be ideal to give a month’s space. This approach helps in building anticipation and keeps your audience engaged over a longer period.

Cascade Your Singles

The traditional album cycle has gone through many changes. One major change is the concept of cascading or “waterfalling,” supposedly started by The Chainsmokers. The idea behind this is to release a single first. When you’re about to drop your second single, you pair it with your first. This technique helps in maintaining the momentum of your releases and keeps the audience engaged.

Embrace Social Media and Online Presence

When launching music for the first time, your online presence is crucial. Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter can significantly boost your reach. Create engaging content that resonates with your audience. Use hashtags strategically, collaborate with influencers, and engage with your followers regularly. A strong online presence can help you reach a wider audience and create a loyal fan base.

Engaging Content Ideas

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Videos: Share snippets of your recording sessions, songwriting process, and daily life.
  2. Live Streams: Host live sessions where you interact with your fans, perform acoustic versions of your songs, or even just chat about your music journey.
  3. Fan Interactions: Encourage your fans to create content using your music, such as dance challenges or cover versions, and share these on your profile.

Build an Email List

An email list is a powerful tool for any musician. It allows you to communicate directly with your fans, share exclusive content, and keep them updated on your latest releases and upcoming events. Offer incentives like free downloads, exclusive content, or early access to tickets in exchange for email sign-ups.

Collaborate with Other Artists

Collaboration can be a game-changer when launching music for the first time. Partnering with other artists can help you tap into their fan base and gain more exposure. Whether it’s a feature on a track, a joint social media campaign, or a live performance, collaborations can introduce your music to new audiences.

Invest in Quality Production

When launching music for the first time, the quality of your production matters. Invest in professional recording, mixing, and mastering services to ensure your music sounds its best. High-quality production can make a significant difference in how your music is received by listeners and industry professionals.

Plan a Release Strategy

Having a well-thought-out release strategy is crucial for the success of your music launch. This includes setting a release date, planning your promotional activities, and coordinating with your digital distributor. A solid release strategy ensures that all elements of your launch are aligned and executed smoothly.

Steps for a Successful Release Strategy

  1. Set a Release Date: Choose a date that gives you enough time to prepare and promote your music.
  2. Pre-Release Promotion: Tease your release on social media, send out press releases, and reach out to blogs and influencers.
  3. Launch Day Activities: Plan live streams, social media takeovers, and release day events to maximize visibility.
  4. Post-Release Follow-Up: Continue promoting your music through social media, email newsletters, and additional content.

Leverage Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music are essential for getting your music heard. Optimize your artist profile, create playlists, and submit your music for playlist consideration. Engage with your listeners on these platforms and encourage them to follow you for updates on new releases.

Tips for Optimizing Your Streaming Profile

  1. Complete Your Profile: Ensure all sections of your profile are filled out, including bio, photos, and links to social media.
  2. Create Playlists: Curate playlists that include your music and similar artists to attract new listeners.
  3. Encourage Saves and Follows: Ask your fans to save your songs and follow your profile to increase your visibility on the platform.

Network and Build Relationships

Networking is an essential part of the music industry. Attend industry events, join online communities, and connect with other musicians, producers, and industry professionals. Building relationships can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations that can help advance your career.

Stay Consistent and Persistent

Launching music for the first time is just the beginning of your journey. Stay consistent in your efforts, keep releasing new music, and continuously engage with your audience. Persistence is key to building a successful music career. Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, but with hard work and dedication, you can achieve your goals.

Final Thoughts

Whatever music you’re making, you should be proud of it. While you’re releasing, find time to be grateful and remove yourself from the thoughts of comparison with people releasing music or the big labels. Having a clear mind and confidence will inevitably lead to better music.