All You Should Know About Best Free Music Distribution for Labels in India

Music Distribution for Labels

No music can survive without being delivered to the right place, i.e., the stores where listeners can buy the music. Unless and until you find the correct record for your music distribution for labels in India, you as a musician will not be able to connect with your fans and consequently find your music dying.

Deliver My Tune is a one-of-a-kind record label company catering to free music distribution for labels in India. It is the first digital aggregator in India that works towards free music distribution for labels. Here the music is made by local Indian artists, and the reach is intended to a larger global audience.

It creates a bridge between Indian artists and fans worldwide with an efficient record label through a digital platform. The digital music platform offers a suite of tools that helps the musician with music promotion and marketing and free distribute music for labels to release the music globally.

Why Choose Digital Music Distribution for Labels Over Traditional Distribution?

There was only one medium to distribute the recorded music tracks to the music stores a few years back. However, with the revolution of digital platforms for almost everything in life, music distribution for labels in India using digital modes has gained immense popularity. Let’s see the reasons behind this.

Benefits of Digital Music Distribution for Labels

  1. Today’s audiences choose online platforms over others. They ‘live’ online in the literal meaning. So, when the music is available online, they are bound to notice it.
  2. Digital platforms cater to equality for all musicians. It pays attention to every musician, new or famed, sells 500 or 5,00,000 copies. Everyone here gets an equal chance to steal the audience.
  3. Having a digital distribution track record is like having a robust CV in the present competitive market. If you want to showcase your work and talent, a digital music aggregator is the easiest way to do it. A good CV is likely to help you gain better visibility and better shows.
  4. Digital distribute music helps you to gain an instant audience. While traditional music distribution system takes a longer time to reach the audience, the digital channels of music distribution for labels in India are like the direct route to them.
  5. Who knows who will appreciate your music in which part of the world? The digital channels expose your music to the global market, making the distribution reach broader than ever.
  6. Most importantly, digital music aggregators typically impart free music distribution for labels worldwide. The digital system is generally free of cost, whereas the traditional music distribution involves quite an amount of money.

Features that Make Deliver My Tune the Best Music Distribution for Labels

Comprehensive Tools and Services

Music distribution has never been easier. No visiting the music label companies! No hankering for an opportunity! No worrying about financial issues! Just make music, try the digital distribution platform like Deliver My Tune, get paid, and reach your audiences. Pioneering as a digital music distributor, Deliver My Tune has some attractive features that can turn out to be every musician’s dream, and they are:

  1. It comes with a full suite of tools and services required for the entire music distribution process.
  2. It gives your music the exposure to get discovered by over four billion audiences. It is competent to any other digital music distribution company in India.
  3. We provide an unthinkable music distribution of over 60 online music stores. Now, stream your music instantly. You can use popular streaming sites like iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Hungama, Amazon, Google Play, and others to popularize your tracks.
  4. With Deliver My Tune as your distribution partner, the music stores will allow you to advertise your tracks directly on their platforms without any extra charges. Also, you can expand your reach through social media advertisements on Facebook, Google, and YouTube.
  5. You will be using a single platform to connect with numerous audiences.
  6. It will take 48 hours to make your music track start streaming on the online music stores.
  7. You can sell your music anywhere and everywhere across the globe without even moving a bit.
  8. Deliver My Tune allows you to get hold of free music distribution for labels in India and gain a global audience without spending a penny.
  9. Restoring copyrights and controlling how you want your music to be presented in the market is not smooth. This platform gives you full copyright ownership of your music and absolute control.
  10. You can measure the performance of your music with the help of this app.
  11. In Deliver My Tune, the collection and managing of royalties require a few simple steps. Are you a newbie in the industry? Through our platform, you can earn through your music tracks. You get 90% of royalties.
  12. This platform gives you ample opportunity to scale up your fan base. Through a feature known as ‘Connect,’ you can invite your friends and followers to gain more exposure. Also, through Connect, you can share your music to various social media platforms for a wider reach.

Tips for Making the Right Career Move for a Successful Music Career Launch

Looking for the Right Distribute Music Channel!

Among the hundreds of music distribution platforms, distribution through digital channels is far more approachable and profitable. Choose the right one for you according to your offer. Choose based upon your pricing, online music store reach, promotional service, and others.

Make Your Music Easily Traceable

For digital channels, the metadata is that ‘one sheet’ musicians should fill in while submitting the album to a music label. Music tracks are far more searchable when you correctly provide the metadata on a digital platform. Thus, potential fans smoothly discover your talent.

Promotion for the Correct Launch

Ensure the digital platform for music distribution for labels in India provides the correct digital promotional services like digital marketing, branding, and social media optimization.


In conclusion, understanding and leveraging the best free music distribution for labels in India can significantly enhance your reach and success as a musician. Platforms like Deliver My Tune offer comprehensive tools and services that simplify the process, giving you control and a broader audience. By choosing the right digital music distributor, making your music easily traceable, and ensuring proper promotion, you can launch a successful music career. Remember, the key is to stay updated with the latest trends and continuously engage with your audience.

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