The Biggest Mistake Indie Artists Make

As a beginner in the marketing and promotional game, Indie artists often invest a lot of time and money into releasing music and expect that it will attract new audiences, create a buzz, and generate income instantly. But they are missing something! If this game is not played right, there will be consequences. These consequences can lead to missed opportunities, dropped sales, and eventually, all of that is your effort going down the drain.

Luckily, we are going to discuss three of the biggest mistakes artists make when releasing new music, and how to avoid them.

Artists focus on one aspect of the music release strategy, rather than synchronizing it all at a time.

Having a solid strategy to release your music by yourself is a blessing, but taking care of one thing at a time is a curse. As an independent artist, you need to be able to handle every aspect of the release – recording, distribution, booking, marketing, PR-ing, preparing merchandise, etc. – without prioritizing one task over the other, or else it will be neglected and it will be too late. And yes, it might be a one man show but every task must have its time.

Assuming that the process of building a fan base happens after the release.

Streaming services and social media has become a major player in the success of the music business. And with artists having 24/7 access to their fans, releasing singles on streaming platforms and social media, before the album release, can be a great opportunity to attract some potential fans, get press, podcast features, and generate PR. And then with full-throttle strategy, including social channel following, playlist marketing, remarketing ads, newsletter, and targeted ad campaigns, you can convert these potential fans into existing ones.

Not mapping a comprehensive timeline for your tasks.

No one on earth can keep track of the whole release strategy without mapping it down. And for you to multitask effectively and to bring this project to life, without wasting your time, you need to create a timeline frame with a checklist for every task, and then break it down to the smallest task. This way you will make sure to stay on top of what needs to be done and manage your progress.

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