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Best Free Music Distribution Platforms in India

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When it comes to music, the era of tangible media is almost ending. Today it’s all about selling music through streaming services and online music distribution platforms. If you’re a fledgling musician with insufficient cash to make upfront payments to music distribution companies in India, getting your music out to the public might feel nearly impossible. But don’t panic; you can start selling your music to millions of people without breaking the bank. Are you a solo artist looking to get your music on streaming services? Well, the best free music distribution platforms in India are there for your help.

Table of Contents

  1. The Problem for Artists
  2. How Free Music Distribution Platforms in India Work
  3. Connecting with Music Platforms for a Better Career
  4. Advertisement and Marketing by Music Distribution Platforms
  5. Ensuring Impactful Music Distribution in India
  6. How Music Platforms Help Rising Stars
  7. Why Choose Deliver My Tune?

The Problem for Artists

There are many free music distribution sites in India, and they bring an artist’s music to the front of an audience. Record labels used to be the gatekeepers of the music business, doing the labor and securing partnerships with music distribution platforms to get physical music into stores. Deliver My Tune was born out of the real-life battles that musicians confront daily with record labels that steal massive parts of their earnings and, in many cases, force them to sign long-term contracts that give up a proportion of their rights.

How Free Music Distribution Platforms in India Work

The workings of music distributors in India are more or less the same. They have the goal of allowing music to please people worldwide. For example, at Deliver My Tune, we link independent artists and labels with fans worldwide. We also provide various services and tools for releasing music worldwide, including music distribution in India, promotion, and marketing. They also work on fan network connectivity. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and provides an impactful user experience. Individual artists and producers can distribute their work through iTunes, JioSaavn, Spotify, Google Play Music, Shazam, and other online music streaming and digital music outlets. We want to help music artists advance in their careers without giving up the rights to their songs.

Fortunately, unlike many Indie artists, we realized that the best way to solve this challenge was to use technology to build an ultimate digital music distribution site in India. So, to aid them in accomplishing their musical ambitions, we decided to build the Deliver My Tune platform for Indie artists to exhibit their skills, acquire recognition, and take the first step toward developing their own distinct identities.

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Connecting with Music Platforms for a Better Career

Get hold of the best music distribution company in India. They distribute your music to famous online music streaming and download sites. For instance, we assist you in selling your music on platforms like iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, JioSaavn, Wynk, Hungama, Pandora, and more than 60 more. Create an account, go through features and bundles, upload your music, meet the checkout conditions, and leave the rest to the music distributors. They will do the rest. For instance, from us, you get the below services:

  • Sell Music Online Through More Than 60 Stores.
  • Expose your music to over 4 billion audiences.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Keep 100% of the Copyrights and Control.
  • Keep all of your rights and 90% of your royalties.
  • Artificial intelligence for music mastering.
  • Free UPC and ISRC codes.
  • Services for Music Mastering.
  • Promotional Services.
  • Fan Connectivity Called “Connect.”

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Advertisement and Marketing by Music Distribution Platforms

You can concentrate on making soulful music while free music distribution platforms in India work on spreading the word with high-quality promotional and music marketing services, including digital marketing, branding, and social media optimization. They attentively listen to your music, completely comprehend the message it conveys, devise a promotional campaign using bespoke marketing content, and distribute the news over our network. You earn more if you broadcast more. Various music distributors in India take the varied approach as we took below:

  • Advertise directly on digital music apps like Spotify, TikTok, and JioSaavn.
  • Promote your music on Facebook, Google Adwords, and YouTube to reach a wider audience and grow your fan base.
  • Deliver My Tune music promotion service can help you boost sales for your next release with packages starting at Rs. 5000/-($100).
  • Use our music marketing tool to obtain in-depth reporting and analysis so you can discover more about your fans, gather insights, and see how your music is doing.
  • Collect, manage, and monitor your music royalties all in one place.
  • Get your song into digital stores within 48 hours.

Ensuring Impactful Music Distribution in India

Many free music distribution platforms in India continuously help you manage your artist and fan pages. They also support you in handling your social media page. By encouraging friends and followers to enjoy and share your music, you may increase your fan base’s connectedness. Artists can link their artist profiles to other social media accounts via the fan base connectivity method. They may also easily publish their music across all platforms with a single click, increasing their visibility and notoriety. Besides, they can also link to their artist page on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms via their distributors, such as Deliver My Tune. Your earnings will increase as your customer base grows.

How Music Platforms Help Rising Stars

Varied music distribution platforms offer various pricing slabs from which an artist can easily choose the most suitable one. For example, an artist at Deliver My Tune can get up to 70% royalties. They also receive a free distribution of a single or multi-album with all services for a lifetime. Moreover, no yearly subscription is required. Also, you have to provide a minimum amount of subscription fees. Moreover, you get to keep 90% of royalties for a single or multi-album with other benefits. Bundle packages and mastering prices are also available on our site. All of these together indeed make our site stand out in music distribution in India.

Maybe you’re just starting as an artist or label and want to get your name out there with a few singles? Or maybe you need a team to guide you through your release? In either case, you’ll want to make sure you’re collaborating with the correct music distribution platforms when uploading songs to streaming platforms. Whether you’re thinking about changing distributors or looking for your first, choose the best music distribution platform for massive music distribution in India.

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Why Choose Deliver My Tune?

Deliver My Tune guarantees to offer each budding talent a marvelous opportunity to concentrate on marketing themselves by making them the talk of the town. Another way you can reach out to the audiences is through social media, which plays a crucial role in communication these days. Besides, there are numerous strategies to sell and promote music, but they cannot compete with the satisfaction that the best music distribution services in India offer to the artists. On behalf of a songwriter, a music distribution service collects the entire amount and provides patents and security for their work. Distributors also receive the share of prime sales, both online and offline, for independent artists and labels who deliver music to the online streaming portals.


It is not difficult for free music distribution services to perform all significant tasks and promote the music. Imagine an artist doing everything with their efforts! However, music distribution alone cannot give you the expected results. Thus, singers can invest time and energy to market themselves in several ways.