Top Music Distribution Companies in India

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Music Distribution Companies record music and make it available to the public. Music distributors grant online download platforms, record stores, and streaming services the rights through a system of contracts and payments to purchase and resell an artist’s music.

Since physical media is on the verge of extinction, music distribution companies in India sell the music through streaming sites and help get the music into the stores. Music distribution companies are an integral part of the recording chain. They:

  • Distribute releases to DSPs
  • Allocate royalties
  • Look after distribution strategies and trade marketing

You can upload your songs on the best creative platforms such as Gaana, Google Play, Apple Music, Shazam, Saavan, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more for digital distribution, promotion, audio mastering, collaboration, and sample packs.

These online music platforms help you earn and boost your revenue as the number of people listening to your music increases.

What is Music Distribution?

Music distribution is the connection between a finished record and future fans. It’s an essential part of music promotion. They help independent artists to get the record labels in the hands of listeners.

Since the inception of digital music distribution, it has surpassed sales of physical mediums. Music Distribution for Labels is the process by which music gets delivered to the listener. Earlier, distributors were there in the agreements with record labels to sell to stores.

Digital distribution has changed the scenario by cutting out the middleman. It allows artists to distribute music instantly to online stores while conserving 100% of their royalties.

Digital music distribution helps an artist reach potential fans. Smart distribution increases your visibility. It helps get your music into as many ears as possible and get paid for your music.

Top Music Distribution Companies in India

Music distribution companies play a crucial role in connecting artists with their audiences. Below are the five top music distribution companies in India. Let’s have a look:

1. Deliver My Tune

Deliver My Tune is India’s first digital music aggregator from India. They connect Indian artists with their global fans. They work for music distribution, promotion, and marketing. The platform is remarkably beneficial to use.

Deliver My Tune offers a unique user experience. Music producers and individual artists get their music on Spotify, iTunes, JioSaavn, Google Play Music, other music streaming platforms, or digital music stores. It enables and supports artists’ careers without compromising their music rights.

Deliver My Tune empowers independent music artists.


LANDR, through audio mastering software, offers music production and free mastering services, almost up to two tracks a month.

With the AI-powered audio mastering for its software, LANDR tries to give a professional feel. Once the production process completes, artists don’t have to go elsewhere for digital music distribution. They confirm 100% of earnings with creative control.

It has its promotional tools and offers free sample packs for your use and inspiration. It allows producers to hear feedback from fellow users.

The cost gets split between audio mastering, release, and digital distribution.

3. Tunecore

Tunecore is a simple music distribution service that prides itself on being one of the first in the market. In 2006, it started the business model helping the artists keep 100% of their royalties for an annual fee.

Apart from music distribution to over 150 digital stores, Tunecore offers its users value-added services like social media promotion, music publishing administration, and comprehensive sales data.

The digital distribution works with marketing, a complete dashboard of backend reporting, and administration. The value-added services demand a one-time fee.

Artists can distribute via Tunecore starting at a reasonable price. It distributes ringtones per year for $19.99. The company also provides distribution credits, which you can exchange for a single album and ringtone plan.

4. RouteNote

RouteNote offers free music distribution services for 15% of its revenues. The platform provides artists with a premium plan with an upfront payment and provides them with 100% of all the royalties. It also covers 90% of the digital distribution market.

Musicians and artists can expect direct selling services and fundamental digital distribution from RouteNote’s plans, referral rewards, data and reporting on sales and streaming, IDs and inclusion for Soundcloud and Youtube Music Network.

RouteNote provides free UPCs, ISRC, and a community called RouteNoteStudio that helps artists grow audiences base faster on Youtube.

The pricing starts at zero dollars with a 15% cut-off.

5. ONErpm

ONErpm leverages its global network of users for more visibility. It amplifies the reach of its artists with the help of fan engagement. ONErpm offers a free pricing tier by keeping 15% of all royalties even for paid tiers.

The basic offer is direct selling, music distribution, and cover licensing. The policies extend to marketing, including business intelligence, social media, publishing, and rights management. The Music Video Network includes video production.

The pricing starts with a one-time fee for ringtone and video distribution.

How Does Digital Music Distribution Function?

Usually, distributors used to bet records into stores. The tags got people to buy them through a promotion. The middleman used to take a lion’s share percentage of the revenue in the process.

But the role of record labels and distributors has changed dramatically. The advent of the internet has brought many changes in the way people consume music. Nowadays, people spend more time online and less money on physical distribution channels.

Distributors focus their energy and resources on top-selling records only. Smaller bands that sign contracts get trapped and end up hindering their progress.

Digital music distribution has become the smart way to keep full rights to your music, get your records out of the market, and start building a name.

Present Scenario of Digital Music Distribution

The objective of digital distribution is to get your music on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, digital music stores, and other streaming platforms.

Once you get your creation in the digital record shop, people can stream, download and enable themselves to buy your music. In return, you gain royalties depending on where and how your music is played.

Digital music stores get music from music distribution companies like traditional record stores. The distributors deliver digital music to major music stores like Napster, Apple, Wynk, Spotify, and more.

It has shortened the timing of manufacturing, shipping, and several upfront costs. Things have become as effortless and fast as a couple of clicks.

Benefits of Choosing Digital Distribution

Digital music distribution sells the best records. It will continue to rise in the future as well. The music industry clearly states that growing revenues by going digital is the best way.

Strategy plays a key role. One needs to make music available online to your fans. It will help you reach them. The process you adopt will impact your costs and the hassle of physical distribution. Pay attention to making a name and increasing the audience base with digital releases.

Some music distribution companies in India don’t have exclusivity deals. It implies that you’re not ready to give up the rights to your music. You’re free to conclude the non-exclusive agreement anytime you want. But, of course, after your next record is better represented by another distributor.

You enjoy extra perks like recommendation algorithms. It suggests your tracks to people based on their listening choice. Thus, people discover new music in the digital world. Below are the steps to follow for successful music distribution.

  1. Finding the right digital distribution platform
  2. Knowing the major distribution platforms
  3. Selling and marketing your digital music worldwide with the musicians.
  4. Making your music searchable
  5. Promoting them

Revolution of Distribution

Digital distribution has substituted physical distribution as a better alternative.

Digital music distribution offers an opportunity to all artists. A robust digital distribution track record helps you get better visibility and more negotiating power. It is the most direct way by which you can impact your fans.

With the help of these premium music distribution companies in India, several newcomers have made a name for themselves with songs that have already topped charts worldwide. In this digital era, a smart rendition of a popular tune can transform a less known artist to relative viral fame in no time.

No matter whether it is Spotify, YouTube, or the dozens of other streaming outlets, an appropriately performed interpolation of a premium track can be a game-changer for budding talent. Often the original artists recommend the cover be taken down, while others claim the overall share of the money received from a song, even if the music is entirely new.

Reasons to Choose Deliver My Tune

Preparing singers and their songs are pretty challenging. However, promoting the music is tougher. One must reach out to the perfect audience.

Deliver My Tune is India’s prime digital music aggregator that transmits a suite of services and tools to broadcast, distribute, promote, and market music globally. It helps you boost your fan base connectivity. The platform is beneficial to use and proposes a remarkable user experience. The company gives a solid support system to independent music artists and labels. It helps them to make their careers and attain a global fan base. After all, they help newbies connect with music distributors and music distribution companies in India and worldwide.


Understanding and leveraging the best music distribution companies in India can significantly enhance your reach and success as a musician. Platforms like Deliver My Tune offer comprehensive tools and services that simplify the process, giving you control and a broader audience. By choosing the right digital music distributor, making your music easily traceable,