Thinking of building a music team? Things to consider

As an independent artist, you might have wondered a lot of times whether you really should work alone. We mean you might assume being independent means working alone? Fact check: it is certainly not so. You shouldn’t do everything alone as you do not have to take everything in your hand and leave no time or little to work on your music. If you do want to make your career in music and you’re serious about it, you will eventually need a team. You do not need someone to be exclusively be working with you rather  just someone who you know well and quite close

Why is a team required?

The team acts as a  catalyst in finding the team to help you in areas that you shouldn’t be spending time instead of making music or it may require a skill set which you do not possess 

By hiring someone you’re actually making an investment into your future by saving the time to focus on what you do best and what you love to do the most 

So there might be a scenario where you might not be able to afford a team so you might have to do it on your own. 

Although it might sound like a hassle and humongous work, but it is also imperative that you get hands-on and you also learn how to do things

As you grow and gain more experience you will want to closely keep an eye out for potential talent to work for you 

The basic idea of the team is to outsource your work which you’re not best at doing, but in your early phase you should be knowing how things are done

To make a team you need the following roles

  1. Booking agent; Booking agent has only one and only one job to connect you to the right people to land gigs. Contextual to their specialty, the type of gigs can vary from typical live performances to corporate events.
    Booking agents generally have quite strong connections or relationships with talent buyers, promoters, and venue owners 
  2. Music Strategist: This is the person who understands music marketing and helps you grow your fan base 
  3. Social Media Manager:  This person is responsible for creating a posting schedule, designing your content, and keeping your fans engaged on your social accounts actively
  4. Photographer: As a musician, you would need photos for your website, flyers, bio, EPK, etc. Photographer will constantly produce  
  5. Graphic Designer: From the cover art to logos or social media posts, having consistent design aesthetics is a graphic designer’s job. Branding is how you will be able to connect to your fans 
  6. Producer: A music producer is an essential part of the song creation process. They oversee the creative and technical process of how a song is put together and recorded.

While recruiting any of the above people you need to look for what goals and aspirations they are driven by them or not. Most importantly do they like your music ? are they your fans because if not so they would never understand your passion or your purpose or your emotions. What values they possess is also they see and perceive the world around them and following that they strategize their outlook, make sure to look out for these too beyond just the regulars.