How to Release Music with No Fans

Release music with no fans

It all begins with that one song you compose, the song that you want the world to listen to. Your vocals, lyrics, tune, instrumental everything are perfectly in their position and you record your single. Now you distribute your single to multiple streaming platforms so that the world could hear you. The self-doubt, if you can Release music with no fans, will never leave your mind. As the chance of a single getting popular in one night is just a sweet fairy tale. 

The outcome of the song somewhere lies in your own hands. With proper planning, release strategy, marketing, promotion, etc you can stand a chance to make a small difference even with your first ever single. Here is a complete beginner guide to help you strategize your first-ever music release. 

Create Artwork

Artwork is the first point where you can grab the attention of multiple visitors. The artwork tells a story or journey of your music, it represents you. It holds the capability to direct the right people towards you and convert normal visitors into an active listening audience. It can be your creation or you can hire someone to create an engaging face for your music. 

Select Right Music Distributor

Music distributors are your tour guide in the journey of launching your first single. They are the ones getting in touch with multiple streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Jiosaavn, etc. These distributors allow you to focus completely on composing and creating music whereas they take care of marketing, promotion, etc. over their huge network. The services provided by the distributors can be paid or unpaid depending upon your budget and choice of service. 

Promotion Marketing 

As discussed earlier Music distributors also work for you as a marketing team. They use different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to spread the word.
They set up advertisement campaigns, using Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Instagram Ads, etc. However, most of these services fall under paid service, and as a new artist, the cost might get out of hand to Release music with no fans. 

Reels and TikTok are trending in the current market, if the moment the song gets caught in their tongue they will run looking for the complete music. So in the initial phase of your first single after the song is released, posting multiple contents with the best moment of your song will have an impact on the audience. The purpose is to make the best moments of music go viral. This might grow the chance of people using your music as challenges, dance battles, reaction videos, etc. 

Escape from the big-time mentality 

People often want to skip the initial steps and jump on the hits. The possibility of having a big hit in the initial stages of your music career is rare. It takes time for listeners to convert into an active fan base. However, looking for creative ways to interact with your audience can speed up the process.

Ways to repeat the message

Look for different ways to communicate and promote your music all over again without making the audience feel bored. It can either be direct requests, teasers, behind the scenes, bonus clips, or music. These are some add-on that keeps the audience engaged and curious to know more about the stories of your music.  

Friends and Family

On average there are over 200-400 connections of a single social media account within your house. Once the music is released you can share your music with Spotify on Instagram and Facebook. This way your music can travel via a long chain of mutual friends.

In Conclusion 

The first music release is once in a lifetime opportunity, everything you do will be your first experience. Maximize this opportunity and squeeze the lemon to give it your best shot. However, above mentioned are some major ways to prepare you and tackle the anxiety of  Release music with no fans. 

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