2021’s Top 10 Hip Hop Artists

Do you know, thousands of people have tried to make their mark in the music industry and failed? Especially in the hip hop genre. After all, many are interested in hip-hop music today, and that is why acquiring significant success in this genre can take a lot of time and effort. However, these 10 hip hop artists have been able to defeat the odds and become the most popular and successful hip hop artists in 2021:

1. Someone who has managed to retain his top position as a hip-hop artist even in 2021 is Drake. Following the debut of his much-anticipated album named ‘Certified Lover Boy,’ Drake has yet again proved that he is one of the best hip-hop artists of our generation. 

2. Following Drake, another person who has made a mark as a hip hop artist is Lil Nas X, and the eponymous album released in 2021 has already broken many records and made him one of the best hip hop artists of this year. Not only that, the album got him several Grammy nominations as well. 

3. While talking about hip hop, it is impossible to not talk about Kanye West. Kanye has managed to remain one of the best hip-hop artists of our generation. After several years of absence as a singer or rapper, Ye finally released the much-awaited Dona in 2021. The album has received mixed reviews from critics, but that has not taken any toll on its commercial success. 

4. Amongst all the male artists, women are making ground-breaking success in 2021 as hip-hop artists. One of the female artists to have received such success is Doja Cat. 2021 has brought immense success to Doja Cat’s career, as most of her songs are being played on the loop by the younger generation. Additionally, her songs have been great hits on Tok-Tok and Instagram in 2021.

5. Along with Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion is another female hip-hop artist who has established her name in the industry. From posting videos on Instagram to being named one of the best artists of 2021, Megan has come a long way. Moreover, her success has reached such a level in 2021 that Megan Thee Stallion has won several prestigious music awards this year, including 3 Grammys. 

6. If we are talking about hip-hop artists, we can never forget the name of Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Eminem. People who are not even fans of the hip-hop genre have listened to Eminem’s music. His 2021 album 2pac vs. Eminem has again made him the best in 2021. 

7. After Eminem, Cardi B is another female hip-hop artist whose name needs to be included in this list. Although Cardi has been in the news and the industry for quite a long time, her recent album named ‘UP’ has helped her achieve a new definition of success in 2021. 

8. Family Ties by Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem is another hip-hop song that has helped Kendrick remain one of the most well-known hip-hop artists of 2021. It also helped his cousin Baby Keem become one of the best rappers and hip-hop artists.

9. Tyler received significant recognition as a rapper and a hip-hop artist in 2021. The 6th studio album produced by the American rapper called Call Me If You Get Lost was released this year in June. The album received enormous success and accolades from critics. They described the album to have a hint of nostalgia in it. 

10. Last but not least, Young Thug and his October release named Punk has given him the chance to be included in the list of best hip-hop artists of 2021. The album has received significant success, and the songs have also become quite the hit in recent times. 

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