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The famous German philosopher Nietzsche once said that through music, passions reveal themselves. Indeed, as human beings, we are all aware that the art of rhythmic sounds can evoke different types of emotions in us. For those who create and perform music, it is like a religion. But like any art, it requires a connoisseur and an astute marketing team to transform your creation into a global phenomenon. This is where a free music distributor comes in, undertaking the responsibility of spreading your music to its niche audience.

Understanding the Role of a Free Music Distributor

Who is a Music Distributor?

A music distributor is an agency or company that sells your music to potential listeners and ensures you get paid for your work. This process requires both artistic knowledge and a robust marketing mechanism. With the advent of the internet and digital technology, most music is now marketed online. Both creators and connoisseurs of music have embraced digital music distribution.

How is Music Distributed on a Digital Platform?

Music distribution involves several steps:

  1. Direct Distribution to DSPs (Digital Service Providers): Ensuring your music is available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.
  2. Royalty Allocation: Ensuring artists receive their deserved royalties.
  3. Trade Policy and Marketing: Implementing strategies to promote and market the music effectively.

Some Facts about Music Distributors in India

India has a rich and diverse heritage in music, from classical Gharanas to folk songs. This diversity is reflected in the vast audience for all types of music. Modern technology has digitized and uploaded a significant amount of this music to the internet, making it accessible to a global audience. Music distributors in India are adept at marketing music to digital platforms, ensuring it reaches listeners worldwide.

Why Choose a Free Music Distributor?

A free music distributor plans and markets your music for free, ensuring you receive royalties from your listeners. Since the pandemic, there has been a surge in the creation and uploading of music online. Free distribution sites have become hubs of activity for both creators and listeners.

Free Music Distribution Sites

Some sites offer paid digital music distribution, while others provide free services. Internationally acclaimed platforms like Deliver My Tune work with digital music distribution sites such as Spotify, Wynk, and others. They take on the responsibility of spreading your music to its potential listeners, ensuring you get paid for your art.

Free Music Distribution Sites in India

Many free music distribution sites operate in India. Deliver My Tune is one such site where you can upload your music for free and receive royalties in return. Whether your genre is classical, rock-and-roll, Bollywood hits, or indigenous music, these sites know exactly where your music will find its audience.

The Evolution of Music Distributors in India

Previously, music distributors focused on top-selling labels, leaving beginners and strugglers with little chance. Today, the scenario has changed with the rise of digital distribution.

Free Music Distributor in India: A Game Changer

Deliver My Tune is a notable free music distributor in India, enabling newcomers to kickstart their music careers. They work with platforms like Spotify, Wynk, Amazon, and sixty other online music streaming platforms, ensuring your music reaches a global audience without needing an established fanbase.

The rise of the internet and the digital arena has eliminated the struggle of physical distribution. Instead, artists can effortlessly put their creations online by following simple registration steps, reaching a massive global audience.

How Free Music Distributors Support Struggling Artists

Popular free music distributors like Deliver My Tune are ideal for strugglers trying to make their mark in the music world. Well-known free music distribution apps include Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, and more. In India, Deliver My Tune is doing a competent job in music distribution, enriching both the creators and listeners of music.

Since the pandemic, live performances and public gatherings have been discouraged, making digital platforms the primary way to enjoy music. Free distribution sites and music distributors are working hard to help artists build their careers in music, making it easier than ever for newbies to enter the industry.


Free music distributors are revolutionizing the music industry by providing an accessible platform for artists to share their work. Platforms like Deliver My Tune offer comprehensive services that simplify the distribution process, ensuring artists can reach a global audience without financial burdens. Embracing digital distribution is the key to success for modern musicians.