Everything You Need To Know About Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay

The month of December is full of happiness, the winters, Christmas, Santa, and joyful music. To give an add-on to users’ happy music streaming platforms, Spotify came up with an idea to release a playback. It will have a list of all melodies you listened to during the whole year.

Music enthusiasts from all over the world convey their wrapped playback of Spotify on multiple social platforms with their maximum played songs, artists, albums, etc. In competition to Spotify’s wrapped Apple music came up with an identical service to their subscribers known as Replay.

However, you will often notice that your Instagram stories will have Spotify wrapped, shared and not apple music. This is because most of the audience is not well aware of the features provided by apple music. So let us today discuss the Replay feature provided by Apple.


The first and foremost drawback of Apple’s Replay is that it is only available on the web application. This means that Apple Music subscribers have to dwell on Apple’s website to get Replay on their device. 

How to find your Apple Music Replay?

As mentioned earlier, unlike Wrapped, there is no straightforward way to access Replay from the Apple music app. It gets tricky to retain your replays on your portable device. You will have to first visit the Apple music Replay website. Make sure you are logged in to your Apple ID. Once you are successfully logged in, hit the “Get Your Replay Mix” button. After you click this button Apple music will compute all your heard songs in the previous year and display them to you. After the list is complete you can click on the add button to add all your Replay songs into the library. 

One disadvantage of Apple Music Replay is not that simple to share over social media apps such as Instagram or others. However, you can share your playlists by clicking the three dots present on the right top corner of the screen.

Features of Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay showcases a list of hundred songs you have listened to all over the previous year. It also displays the number of hours you have heard songs. Other than songs it also shows the most heard musicians, bands, etc. 

It only routes records of songs you play from the streaming platform. Songs that you play from your local, or phone storage won’t be on the yearly list. Apple Music also allows you to request the list of songs, bands, etc. you have heard from the years after 2015 i.e the launch period of Apple Music. 

The playlist that you have saved on your app is static. This means the list of songs on your application won’t be revised automatically. You will have to manually visit the Apple music website and add your music every time.  

Unlike Wrapped for which users have to wait a complete year to view. Apple Music’s Replay is updated on a weekly basis. The sole reason is to stalk accurately the music you feel, this facilitates them to deliver your top hundred played songs. So next time whenever you visit their website you will have a new bunch of songs.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the way to get Apple Music Replay on your device. You can also show off your music taste and the music you have heard over the previous year. However, there is no direct option to share your Replay playlist on social media apps whereas Spotify wrapped can be shared over social media apps quite easily.  

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