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Free Digital Music Distribution Sites in India

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Digital Music Distribution is regulated through a digital platform developed to stream digital content or permit the content to be downloaded in full. It uses Artificial Intelligence for music mastering. Digital distribution, also known as content delivery, electronic software distribution (ESD), or online distribution, is the distribution or delivery of digital media content such as video, e-books, software, video games, audio, and other software. This approach has revolutionized the way music is shared and consumed globally, making it easier for artists to reach a broader audience.

The Benefits of Using Free Digital Music Distribution Sites

Pecuniary benefits increase when you distribute your music online through streaming services. Money helps track downloads and sales. Digital distribution is favored over physical distribution for many reasons. Free music distribution sites help independent-minded artists with their streaming platforms.

The free music distribution sites in India allow digital music distribution. Thus, a lesser-known artist can gain reasonable and viral fame in no time. They help in:

  • Selling Music: It helps you distribute your music videos and sell cover songs to online digital stores.
  • Distributing Video: You can distribute your music videos to well-known distribution sites, getting in touch with myriad music distribution companies in India.
  • Marketing: You can build sustainable audiences through digital music distribution.
  • Business Intelligence: Distribution sites use business intelligence, providing sophisticated monthly and daily analytics.
  • Rights Management: You can register your compositions and songs to obtain your royalties.
  • Video Network: Distribution platforms use the fastest-growing Music Video Network worldwide.

Top Free Digital Music Distribution Sites in India


Wynk is one of the most-downloaded music streaming apps in India. With this app, you can listen to songs of varied genres online. With Wynk, you can distribute your songs online and amplify your reach. You can choose your favorite artists’ songs, download Mp3 songs from all genres, and play songs offline without the Internet.

Music distribution companies in India, like Deliver My Tune, allow Wynk to promote budding and fresh talents.


Spotify’s music distributors are popular choices for artists because they offer fast, unlimited song uploads for a small annual fee while allowing artists to keep 100% of their income. For many, it is one of the best free music distribution sites in India. Spotify focuses on developing tools that benefit artists and labels the most. It provides digital copyright-restricted recorded podcasts and music, including millions of songs, from media companies and record labels.


Amuse offers exciting digital music distribution services. Some services offer wider distribution to other channels. Amuse offers free music distribution and allows artists to keep 100% of their rights and royalties. The free distro service helps discover new artists and sign them to the record label. Amuse sends your songs to Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms, distributing music digitally to over 150 stores, including Tidal, Deezer, Shazam, Amazon Music, and YouTube.


Hungama Digital Media is one of the top-rated free music distribution sites. The company serves as a developer, aggregator, publisher, and distributor of Asian entertainment, including Bollywood. Hungama has worldwide special rights to over half a million music and video titles and promotes a significant portion of all mobile entertainment content in India. Since its inception in 1999, Hungama has been a leader in mobile entertainment and value-added services.


Napster is another premium free music distribution site in India. It offers smooth and effortless services, making it a smart choice for artists starting in the industry. Napster helps musicians upload their new music and distribute it to various online platforms and stores. It works as an audio streaming service provider, promoting digital audio file distribution with songs encoded in the MP3 format.

iTunes/Apple Music

Apple Inc. regulates iTunes, a digital media store. By utilizing premium digital distributors in India, many beginners have made a name for themselves, and their creations have topped charts worldwide. The term digital distribution generally applies to standalone products, while downloadable content refers to add-ons for other products. Online distribution became prominent in the 21st century with the advent of network bandwidth capabilities and popular platforms like Amazon Video and Netflix’s streaming service.

Final Takeaways

Music distribution companies in India work on the streaming of various content. Deliver My Tune is India’s first digital music aggregator that offers a suite of services and devices to release, promote, distribute, and market music globally. Use the platform to increase your fan base connectivity. We are connected to many digital music distribution companies in India, providing you with a platform to spread your music worldwide and create a fanbase.

The platform helps you expose your music to billions of audiences. Music distribution helps you stay independent, keeps your copyrights under control, and allows you to connect with your fans and music distributors.

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Explore the top free digital music distribution sites in India to promote your music and reach a global audience. Learn how platforms like Deliver My Tune can help independent artists gain visibility and royalties.