Your Musician Guide for Podcasting

Podcasting for Indie Artist

Promoting your music on social media can be easy. You can promote your concerts through Facebook Events, create ads on Instagram, or share your music on Twitter, but none of these methods share the story behind your music! Podcasts, on the other hand, are the best place to do that.

The journey to getting on a podcast starts with you making a pitch to getting booked on a podcast.

Before pitching your music and story to a podcaster, you should figure out which podcast you would like to promote your music on. One easy way to figure that out is to start with the ones you are listening to. Then, start researching everything you need to know about the podcast, their contact details, mission, and make sure that their vision and values align with yours. And finally, craft your pitch.

Note: Know the podcast and their audience before making your pitch, or else you will end up promoting your music to a bunch of listeners who are not really interested in your music.

How to write the pitch? You have to be clear, precise, and compelling when you write your pitch. Speak to the podcaster directly and tell him why you are interested in their podcast and why should he host you.

How to prepare yourself for the interview?

  • Listen to some podcasts to better understand your host’s style and how the conversation goes.
  • If you are feeling a bit nervous you can ask your host what kind of questions he/she will be asking.
  • Make some notes about the point you would like to deliver to the audience.
  • You can share your best hits, press shots (If you have any), and bio to the host.

How to use the podcast after recording? Promote it everywhere! You have some great content to share with your fans and audience. Share the podcast on Facebook, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and twitter. 

And our final advice: Don’t get bummed or bother if you get a “no” or you did not receive a response at all. Your host might be overbooked and wasn’t able to get back to you at the moment, or you might not be the right fit for this particular podcast, or the host was looking for something else, perhaps in a different genre. And whatever the reason might be, just jump on to the next pitch and work on finding your next potential host.