A Guide to “Your Roster” on Spotify for Artists

So Spotify for Artists is rolling out a new feature on the web, Your Roster. The feature will enable you to easily reach out and communicate with other artists for collaborations. Your Roster will also bring together all of your upcoming releases into one place to be discovered by Spotify admins and editors, and it will open the doors for your music to be featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists.

Your Roster can be found in the Spotify for Artists menu. And when your upcoming release will be available for admins and editors to pitch, the deck will preview your Spotify for Artists account and music along with other artist’s account and music in one of the following lists:

  1. Pitch a song: This will directly navigate admins and editors to the playlist pitching feature to pitch a song.
  2. See pitch: If you have a presentation ready for your upcoming release, admins and editors will be able to preview your active pitch. And depending on the access level of other artists on Spotify for artists, they might be able to see your pitch for any possible collaborations, if they are interested in your music.
  3. No eligible music: If you don’t have any upcoming release to be pitched and features in the Spotify editorial playlist.
  4. You don’t have permission: If you have limited access to your music, admins, editors, and other artists will have access to your artist page but not to your upcoming release.

There is one extra option which enables you to limit other people’s access to “Viewer Access”, where viewers can’t pitch your upcoming releases to playlists.

Hopefully, this will support you and other artists to have an equal opportunity of getting their music discovered and perhaps featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists.