YouTube Marketing Strategy for Musicians

YouTube Marketing Tips

Creating killer videos can be a great part of your YouTube marketing strategy. As musicians, you can use these YouTube marketing tips, as we all know youtube is the largest video-sharing platform, to promote your music.

It is found that fans connect more deeply with their favorite artists through music videos, BTS videos, or concert films.

But due to the influx of many artists and musicians on the platform, there’s already a huge competition in the music niche. In that case, you might wonder, how can you make your YouTube channel successful?

Let’s talk about some YouTube Marketing Tips and Strategy that will help you shine through the crowd:

  1. Publish new content consistently
    This is probably the most frequently given advice but it’s important to add new videos on a regular basis to have a higher chance of retaining your audience. Post new content at least once a week or fortnight to maintain engagement with your subscribers. Also, YouTube favors creators who post on a regular basis. If you publish new content consistently, your videos may get listed in the “Suggested” section, resulting in a traffic boost.
  2. Upload covers among other things
    Many independent artists make the mistake of limiting themselves to their own songs which will gain very little visibility since people searching for your song already know you. Apart from your own official music videos and songs, make covers of popular songs in your own style. These will appear in the search results associated with the original song and artist.
    Besides this, lyric videos are a great way to help fans develop a stronger connection to your music. You should also use YouTube to make big announcements like new albums or tours to generate intrigue and demand over your news.
  3. Take advantage of the Statistics tool
    YouTube offers powerful statistical tools to its users for analyzing the performance of their videos. You can find out about the number of views, viewing time, locations of users, their engagement (likes, shares, subscriptions, comments), and much more. You can compare the data for your different videos and see what works for your channel and what doesn’t.
  4. Always respond to comments and questions
    Barring trolls, make sure you respond to comments and questions of people who are giving their input on your music or video. This shows your followers that you value them and it gives them a reason to come back.
  5. Optimize your videos to be found in search results
    Make sure your title is clear, concise, and keyword-focused, that’s the first thing that your audience sees. Add links to all your social media handles, albums, and artist page in the description. You can also insert a subscription link that invites people to automatically subscribe to your channel. To do this, simply take your channel URL and add “? Sub_confirmation = 1” at the end.
    Add relevant and popular keywords to your channel and video tags that will appear in search results.
  6. Use YouTube ads to expand your reach to new fans
    Advertising your music on YouTube helps you extend your visibility and reach out to new potential fans. 
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