How to Promote Your Music Before the Music Launch?

There are so many talented artists competing for audience attention that it can be challenging to reach them with your music. A well-known and successful musician will market himself online and make connections in person. Check out the seven strategies for music promotion before launch:

1. Music Promotion Through Social Media

The power of social media is immense. Music promotion through social media is the best way to promote your new record. Put it on all of your social media platforms—regular post updates, with links to downloads. You can make a post sponsored on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you’re looking to blow a small budget. It allows you to set your daily maximum price. Advertisements can also be tailored to target the appropriate age group depending on where you advertise and the type of music you want to promote. Promote your release about one week before or after the release date with a sponsored campaign.

2. Music Promotion Via local media

A local success story gets the local papers’ attention! Contact the entertainment editor with a press release. Submit your single as well, and request an interview. Getting a feature article in advance of a music release is even better. There are a surprising number of local newspapers that support local solo artists. They can make an important impact on your work. Thus, offline music marketing through local media can turn out to be influential.

3. Put your music on Playlists

Fans of specific genres and artists discover new music via playlists on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. It’s like a record store where fans can share what they like. If an artist wants to promote his music, he should get his new song on as many playlists as possible. It should be within the genre or aesthetic they are trying to reach. Similar playlists attract similar fans of that artist. In turn, this makes it easier for musicians to find fans who are eager to hear more. The artists have to maintain a profile on the platform to get on these playlists.

4. Approach Social Media Influencers for Music Promotion

A carefully crafted direct message can often take you further with influencers. If you find someone active in music promotion relevant to your genre, and they’ll be interested enough in your music to share it, reach out to them. Due to Twitter’s simple usability and ability to go viral faster than most other social sharing sites, it tends to be the most accessible place to gain support for your music link.

5. Distribute Your Music

If you are releasing a single before the release of this music, be sure to inform them that you will be releasing a single track before the song’s release. Ensure that your artwork is ready before then! Deliver My Tune lets musicians and producers distribute their music on Shazam, iTunes, Spotify, JioSaavn, Google Play Music, and other digital music stores. It is a crucial music promotion strategy that every artist should adopt.

6. Announce the release of your new music: Live show/listening party

Live shows are rare during pandemics, but make it extra special if you do play one. Design the venue, hire a party bus, have a food truck pull up outside, ask the bar to make a unique cocktail, create merch packs, etc.

If you’re starting and don’t expect to draw a large crowd, you might want to host listening house parties with wine tastings, cupcake bake-offs, fondue parties, etc. Keep your fans in mind and make your music promotion fun.

7. Music Promotions With Radio stations 

If you want to start small, it might make sense to hire a radio plugger rather than spend thousands. Getting on national radio is very difficult. If you fail in regional radio and online, you probably won’t reach the national level. Independent music is supported by thousands of radio stations broadcast online in student communities. So, contact as many stations as you can.


Music promotion becomes smoother with Deliver My Tune! It lets you pre-sell your upcoming album on popular download platforms like iTunes, Spotify, JioSaavn, Google Play Music, Shazam, and more, even before its release. If your music is excellent, contact us as one of the world’s leading music licensing sites. Bringing music to life for our clients is our mission. Let’s go together.