7 Ways to Support Musicians Without Spending Money

Ways to support musicians - Deliver My Tune

Making a career in a creative field can be a long journey. If you have a friend who’s an artist, you would’ve seen this struggle up close.

If you want to help them on their road to success but can’t spend a whole lot of money, don’t worry as there are numerous ways to back them without creating a hole in your pocket:

Share their social media posts

Help your friend spread the word about their music, concerts, or videos by sharing their posts. This helps them gain exposure to different audience-friends of friends. Don’t just like their posts, comment on them too as it will help in engaging others.

Support Musicians by Volunteering for their projects

It can be as small as helping them in setting up equipment at a gig, selling their merch, or if you can act or dance in their music video, do that. You get to be part of a fun process and they don’t have to hire people for the job.

Host a house concert/workshop

Make it a potluck if you want food and drinks, and invite your friends/colleagues to a home concert. It will help your friend network and they might get booked for more events.
If you know people who want to learn songwriting or an instrument, organize a workshop at your place where the artist can teach a small group.

Start a fan page

Create a fan page on Instagram or Facebook and gather some more people who like their music. You can organize groups to go to their shows, discuss the artist’s songs or albums. It draws more attention to their work.

Go to their shows

It’s not only encouraging to see your friends in the crowd but you can bring along other people too. And if this show has a ticket, buy it! I know we are discussing how to help without spending money but don’t ask for freebies, buy their albums or merch instead.

Tell the venue you loved the performer

If you followed the previous suggestion, tell the owners of the venue that you loved the music. They are more likely to call the artist back for a show if they get a good response from the audience.

Be emotionally there for them

According to me, this is the most valuable thing you can do to support your friend. Working in a creative field can be emotionally exhausting, artists often need to vent out or de-stress. Check on them often, show them that you love them and believe in them.

These steps may seem small but they can make a remarkable difference in your friend’s career. Keep showing your support as you might be playing a huge role in the making of a new rockstar!