9 Exciting Updates For Artists On Instagram And Facebook

9 Exciting Updates For Artists On Instagram And Facebook

We wanted to share with you some really cool music products and features, which both Instagram and Facebook will be introducing soon on their platforms. The products and features will be available in over 60 countries globally. Fortunately, this comes in a time when musicians, artists, and curators are required to create more content for the quarantined masses who demand more entertainment.

But exactly do those latest updates mean to you as an artist? Well, it means:

  1. New and creative ways to engage with your fans/audience
  2. Indirect ways to promote your new releases, hits and other soundtracks for free
  3. A chance to increase your visibility and your brand awareness
  4. Reaching a bigger number of a responsive audience without spending any money on advertising

Now let’s explore the new products and features on both platforms.

At Home Playlist: You can ask your fans for “At Home Playlist” suggestions via a Music Question Sticker and then make their suggested playlist on their Streaming Service of choice to share with their fans.

Workout Challenge: You can “challenge” your fans to do a quick home workout (For example, a pushup, pull up, or squat) for the entirety of the duration of the music sticker which you shared, and then they can tag 3 friends to complete the challenge.

Concert from Home: You can use a donation sticker to support COVID relief efforts with a target for donations raised. And once the donations target is reached, you host a virtual concert to thank your fans.

Stay Home Sticker: Engage with your fans by using the “Stay Home” sticker, allowing them to share how they keep themselves occupied/entertained during the social distancing period.

At Home Lyrics: You can ask your fans to use the Lyrics Sticker and to select the lyrics that best describe their At Home experience.

Music makes it Better: Use the Music Sticker to post one of your favourite songs to spread positivity.

Lyrics in Stories: You and your fans can create stories with lyrics to your music. You can play with different lyrics, animations, font designs, and colors.

Music in Profiles (Facebook): Your Facebook profiles now have a dedicated ‘music’ section where you can select your best songs to be featured. Songs added to the profile will feature your name, album art and song name.

Music in posts (Instagram): Your fans can add your music to their photos and videos, create soundtracks to their story. And when someone watches the story, they’ll hear your clip playing over the uploaded photo or video, and see a sticker with the song title and your artist name that links to your Instagram profile.

Those were some of the features and new products for June 2020, and we will always keep you in the loop when we learn more about any new updates.

It is exciting that both platforms have been developing some new features to support artists during this tough time.

If you are an indie artist who is just starting out in the world of music, we will have you covered. Explore our Deliver My Tune platform or reach us out for guidance.

Until next time.