How to Monetize Your Music with YouTube Content ID

All Music Artists need their work to be protected by Youtube. Interestingly, many songs and music are not protected by the platform. The only way to do that is to get listed in the Youtube Content ID library.

Over billions of dollars have been paid by Youtube to the rights holders who have monetized use of their content in other videos through Content ID. 

What is Youtube Content ID?

It’s YouTube’s digital fingerprinting system, which helps in finding any video that uses your music on their platform. It could be an Official Video Music or any of the creatives uploaded by the artists on Youtube.

Having a Content ID helps the creators to identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube easily.

Here’s how the Content ID fingerprinting system works:

When a song is uploaded on Youtube Music, it will be compared against the audio and video files uploaded by various users from all over the world.

The digital system will check for any videos using your tracks on their content. If any match is found, you will earn royalties and this will ensure that your work isn’t illegally shared and monetized by others on the network.

So, have you monetized your music with YouTube Content ID yet?

Uploading any music directly to the platform, won’t help to make money with your content.

YouTube Content ID partners or Music Distribution platforms can help you get started to get your music monetized. Even if it’s just a beat at a scale or a piece of any music album, your work should be monetized on Youtube.

With Deliver My Tune, you can earn money whenever your music is used in any of the videos on Youtube. All you need is to upload your music into our platform and we’ll submit your content to YouTube Music. The Content ID system of YouTube will protect your music to ensure nobody can monetize the track, but you. 

Collect the money, whenever the music is played on the Video. The revenue generated will be transferred to your bank account. 

Submit your music to DMT and monetize it now.