A music distribution platform is the most convenient approach for a diverse array of indie artists to get started with the music industry. But usually, artists struggle while considering which on-demand music streaming platform is the most suitable for them, and that will accommodate their various perspectives, needs, and wants. And to tackle that, we are summing up everything you need to know about the following top 9 platforms.


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the industry, with over 230 million active users and 50 million soundtracks in its library. Spotify equips individual artists and bands with features to enhance their fans’ listening experience and to promote their music.


Apple Music features over 60 million songs, with a download option for offline use, personalised playlists and Apple’s own music radio station, Beat 1. The platform offers Apple Music Connect, which allows you to connect and engage with your fans through sharing pictures, videos, lyrics, and other content.


Another cool platform in the music streaming service industry is Amazon Music. The platform offers on-demand access to over 50 million songs. It connects your fans with your latest releases and provides an 850 Kbps streaming quality for enthusiast audiophiles. Amazon Music also shows your song lyrics on the screen while your music plays.


YouTube Music allows artists to get the most out of this search giant with its wide variety of music. It offers well-curated radio stations with over 40 million soundtracks. YouTube Music brings together both your soundtracks and music video in one place, it organizes your content, improves your music discovery, and fine-tunes your promotions.


TikTok is available in more than 154 countries, with more than 115 million active users in India alone. The platform holds the highest social media engagement rate per post, which for artists’ means, more fame, fans gain, and money from music. The only thing you should know is that users don’t stream full-length music, they can only embed sound clips from your tracks into their videos.


Gaana is the largest Indian music streaming service with over 150 million active users. The platform features 45+ million songs in over 21 local languages, 30+ radio stations, and unlike many streaming services, it features videos that accompany your music.


JioSaavn is South Asia’s biggest streaming platform, featuring a catalog with over 45 million songs. It offers users access to music, radio, and podcasts for free. And you can promote your music on the platform to increase your popularity and boost your stream.


Wynk is another considerable music streaming service platform where users can explore a library of over 30+ million songs. It offers personalized recommendations for discovering more music, internet radio, and sync lyrics for your fans to sing along when they listen to your song.


Hungama is for Bollywood fanatics. The platform offers a daily glimpse into the world of Bollywood songs, movies, news, and reviews. It gives users access to various music mixes and allows them to create playlists.

Each streaming platform has its features but as an indie artist, we recommend that you distribute your music on all music streaming platforms to ensure maximum audience exposure.