How to Become a Successful Music Artist in India?

Music Artist in India

It is difficult for anyone to pursue a profession in any other sector in India because medical and engineering are the norm. 

If we’re discussing the creative sector, the issue gets even grimmer. Overcome unseen hurdles, ranging from restricted exposure to your chances of obtaining your parents’ agreement. Nothing, however, can stop you from being a music artist in India if you’re genuinely skilled and have it in you.

So, now that you’ve decided to be a music artist in India, the next step is to make sure that your music reaches the right audience. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you broadcast yourself properly. It is especially significant in the Indian context, where musical stardom is fleeting, and a dozen reality shows annually produce twice as many “singing superstars.” Deliver My Tune is one of the best digital platforms in India to get recognition and grow an audience base.

To survive and become a music artist in India in a setting like this, you must plan everything out methodically.

Talent is Essential:

Given the variety of possibilities available on the market, it is significant to recognize that you will not be able to thrive in the music industry unless and until you possess the necessary skills. You will face rejection if your voice, performance, and production are not excellent enough to captivate the public. Therefore, before deciding to perform your music in front of an audience, you must be specific about its quality. You’ll need to devote more time honing your craft if you lack quality. Remember, there’s no shame in doing this and postponing your public performance; many well-known Indian music artists have done it in the past.

Get a degree:

You may be upset by the Indian educational system’s obsession with grades. Maybe you think music is your way of escaping from it all. However, to make it big in music, you may need to earn a degree. A Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Music or a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Music are a few of the degrees you can pursue to become a music artist in India. You may continue the majority of these degrees, and you can also acquire a master’s degree.

Get Organised and Learn the Business:

If your music is not complemented by solid promotion, you will not go very far in the music industry. It is pretty impossible to thrive in such a dynamic profession unless and until you raise awareness and introduce your music to a broader audience. People will only pay attention to your music if you are a well-known public personality. You should study and improvise on your instrument, but you should also know to sell yourself and practice the business side of music. You must understand how publishing, touring, and branding can benefit you in becoming a successful music artist in India.

If you want to distribute your music like other Indian music artists, you don’t need a label in the beginning. There are numerous third-party distributors for a minimum fee. They can help you release your music. However, Deliver My Tune is one of India’s most popular digital music aggregation websites. Deliver My Tune can help you connect with a worldwide audience by placing your music on Wynk, JioSaavn, Google Play Music, iTunes, and Spotify India.

Getting Yourself Noticed:

Even if you have the skill, it won’t go very far if you can’t present it in front of an audience. Fortunately for you, digital media has made your journey smooth. With Deliver My Tune, the massive global audience base recognizes your talent. Why don’t you consider starting your own YouTube channel?

SoundCloud will also take you somewhere if you upload your songs there. Always make an effort to network with others in your field. The more individuals you meet and converse with, the more possibilities you’ll have in your kitty. Professional Indian music artists are more likely to provide constructive advice and establish realistic objectives and expectations.

Build a Connection with Your Fans:

While it is critical for a music artist in India to get new followers, it is also crucial to keep old fans. The easiest way to achieve this is to ensure that everybody who has indicated an interest in your music is kept up-to-date on what you’re doing via emails, social media platforms, and other means. Connecting with people on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter makes sense in a nation like India, where the general populace is willing to idolize any skill. You can also use Deliver My Tune to connect with fans globally and collaborate with other Indian music artists. Ensure that your social media channels are engaging, having followers, and accurately displaying your business. Only you know how you will interact with your audience, but cultivating that relationship is crucial at the end of the day.

Look Beyond the Ordinary:

While you may want to become a music artist in India, there are a variety of occupations in the music industry that you may pursue, and being a singer is not one of them. If you enjoy music, you may want to consider becoming a music teacher, composer, music director, DJ, or sound engineer as a career choice. Take some time to consider which of these you wish to pursue, and then work diligently to attain your goal.

Start Small:

You must realize that starting small is perfectly acceptable. Whatever music you create should be enjoyable to listen to. Start producing a video of your music and ensure to distribute it to a broader audience if you’ve already composed something.  You can get help with this from social media or local distributors. This type of local publicity can help you gain recognition in the music industry and gradually help you climb the professional ladder of becoming a music artist in India.

Be Optimistic:

It’s the only genuine and controllable survival tool you have. In the music industry, there are no direct paths to success. You must stay on track, not stray, and trust that, in the end, your hard work will pay off. If you start with unwavering optimism, you will be more resistant to the neglect you may experience on your path to becoming a music artist in India.

Know about Copyright:

Before sending your music to labels or directors, be sure it’s copyrighted. They won’t collaborate with you if you don’t have a copyright because they’ll face legal problems. If your work gets stolen, you won’t be able to do anything about it unless you have the copyright.

These are a few simple steps that aspiring Indian music artists can take to advance their careers in a competitive industry. The Indian music business is rapidly expanding, and there are several avenues for a musician to build a reputation for themselves. Deliver My Tune, for example, may assist any aspiring music artist in India in various ways. So be sure to have a peek at it.