Know the Ways to Upload Songs on Resso

how to upload songs on resso

Music is a connection, and it becomes more meaningful when shared with others. However, it has been hard to keep up with the continuously evolving streaming and social landscape. In this article, we will solve your query about how to upload songs on Resso, one of the world’s rising streaming sites launched by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance. 

They launched the streaming app called Resso in April 2020. The “social music streaming app” competes against the enormous global music streaming players. 

The community features of Resso let you interact with your friends over your favorite tracks, compose, share your playlists, and comment on the tracks you admire.

Users can share song lyrics on other platforms and stream their content, besides helping artists upload music on Resso.

As of March 2021, the app has been able to make recognition in India, Indonesia, and Brazil. It is going to roll out to other countries in the future. 

Before you decide to upload music on Resso, know that enough significant music companies are already on board with them. Warner Music Group, Beggars Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and big publishers of the Indian market, including Zee Music, Saregama, and T-Series, have also worked with them.

Besides working with other music streaming platforms, they let users upload music on Resso and create their playlists by manually putting in as many songs as required. You can watch your friend’s playlists as the application has some social networking features. If one of them adds something new to the playlist, you as a friend will receive the corresponding messages immediately.

When you decide to upload music on Resso, download and install their official client for macOS or Windows for this, you must go through the standard procedure. Choose the proper file on your gadget that you intend to add. Then add this audio file.

You can consider using a reliable service provider as you think of how to upload songs on Resso. For distributing your music to these streaming sites, or platforms and download shops, you can collaborate with a digital music distributor, like Deliver My Tunes, to submit your tracks. It is the first digital music aggregator that works to improve your journey as a music artist. Upload music on Resso and let the world know you!

As you learn how to upload songs on Resso, remember you can’t add your music directly to them as an independent artist or band. 

The digital music distributors act as the broker between artists and popular music platforms. 

They ensure that your releases are aptly delivered to each platform and assure you that music distribution with the correct metadata.

The service providers help distribute your music to several streaming and download services worldwide while handling the admin tasks.

Reasons to choose Resso!

Are you wondering how to upload songs on Resso? Well, Resso offers two subscription choices: 

  • One with a freemium account with ads 
  • The other subscription choice offers a lower stream quality.

How to upload songs on Resso?

As you are eager to know how to upload songs on Resso, below are the six steps to get your music on it.

Step 1

Sign up for a free musician account.

Step 2

Select “Start a Release” via your musician dashboard and add the single, album, or EP you want to upload to Resso.

Step 3

Upload your cover art and music files.

Step 4

Add bandmates and music contributors to ensure they get their fair remuneration of royalties from the streaming platforms.

Step 5

Resso has an amicable QA team that checks on everything. Once they approve your music, you can upload it to Instagram and Facebook.

Step 6

Check your streaming reports and sales from your music. You can keep 100% of your revenue. 

Can you add music to Resso for free?

Are you worried about how to upload songs on Resso? Well, RouteNote has made the process super easy. Now upload music to Resso free of cost.  

‘How to upload songs on Resso’ has been a common query of people like you. You only have to release your music on RouteNote and make sure that Resso is ticked in the Manage Stores section. 

It helps send and monetize your music on Resso with other top stores and worldwide streaming services.

Distribution with RouteNote is free, with no recurring subscription cost or zero fees. Artists can keep 85% of the revenue or even 100% when selecting Premium Distribution for a small fee.

As you learn how to upload songs on Resso, know that the playlist will not immediately appear in the user’s library, but it will go through a specific moderation. Once these steps are complete, the application is sent for verification. 

The entire process may take from several minutes to several hours. If there is an incorrect question or information, the technical support service will contact you and help resolve the issue.

The track will be available on the new music streaming site after accomplishing the verification of your application. Some music streaming services offer resources for performers to track information about listeners and audiences.

The streaming apps present massive analytics on releases, playlists, educational information on the promotion, and audience. Resso is working hard to keep up its promise and include such features shortly in their perfect form.

As the streaming platform is rapidly gaining popularity amongst global users, it becomes very challenging, especially for those artists who have musical careers. 

So far, Resso is quite popular with performers from some countries. Music is a feeling, an expression. But users’ tastes differ in different regions worldwide, which is quite common.

The Bottom Line

Music is everywhere, and it will go wherever you go. Now when you have learned how to upload songs on Resso, know that the streaming platform supports listening on various devices, including mobiles and computers. Enjoy music anytime and anywhere!