How Can Musicians Keep Themselves Engaged During COVID-19

Musicians during Covid-19 | Deliver My Tune

Among many other things, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the music industry deeply. With public gatherings being restricted, concerts, gigs, and music festivals are nowhere an option. Musicians are facing a hard time but it’s imperative to keep the creative juices flowing and keep yourself engaged with the community.

Here are a few ways which can help your productivity and let you stay connected during COVID-19:

Do a Virtual Live Concert

Livestream your performances on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Mostly everyone is practicing social distancing at home and people are finding new ways to keep themselves entertained. Virtual concerts can become the new normal soon with big musicians like Chris Martin, John Legend, Bono, and many more performing live on these platforms. This will keep you motivated and in practice, and it’ll help you in increasing your fan base as well.

Hone New Musical Skills

Now is the time to learn something that you always wanted to but couldn’t. There are abundant resources online to develop your writing, recording, and mixing skills or gain knowledge of music theory. Enroll in courses, watch tutorials, and if nothing new, work on an old skill that needs practice.

Document Your Activities in Self Isolation

People love to watch or read about how other people are keeping themselves occupied during this time. Post small videos or write about how you feel on your social media handles. It can be anything to what you are watching or listening to, a review or discussion about an album, single, or even a book. Surprise them by singing a small set of new lyrics or maybe posting a poem you wrote. Be yourself and be fresh, everyone needs that right now.

Collaborate From Afar with other Musicians

Don’t let these circumstances stop you from writing or producing new stuff together. Exchange ideas and use video conferencing methods to work in a group. Make a music video together by recording from your homes. You can also collaborate on a new song using a Digital Audio Workstation, use software to mix and master it, and it will sound like everyone recorded it in the same room.

Create More, Distribute More, Earn More

Since gigs and travel are put on a hold, use this downtime to finish your albums, make more music, record it, and distribute it. Or if you have any unreleased music, you can opt for a digital release by distributing it to music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc. Deliver My Tune (DMT) delivers your music to over 60 popular online music streaming and download sites worldwide. This helps you earn more during the pandemic as DMT lets you keep 90% royalties and you own 100% copyrights to your music.

Just focus on creating good music and leave the rest to Deliver My Tune. Sign up for our services now!