5 Reasons Why Musicians should use Twitch

If you’re wondering that Twitch is only made for gamers, then you need to read this guide because we believe that musicians can also earn their share of pie on this platform.

Twitch is the world’s largest live streaming platform mostly where gamers play games live and other gamers watch but it also has many creative arts categories and music is certainly one of the biggest.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, live streaming has become an important part of the music industry to perform virtual concerts and connect with the fans. You might have done it on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube but here’s why live streaming on Twitch is unmatched:

It’s a platform solely for live streaming

So your audience comes with the expectation of watching and engaging with you over a live video format and your streams won’t get lost in between normal posts/videos. Viewers can do more than a comment. They can enter into the stream with their own cams, so other viewers can see them dancing along.

Twitch is majorly driven by the community

People come to connect with other people who like the same things they do. Because it’s centered around a common interest, people are open to exploring new creators. They just want to spend time watching creators do what they do best in real-time, talk to them, make song requests, and also connect with people in the comments who have similar interests.

Monetization is fun for viewers

It won’t cost anything to stream the videos or watch as viewers. People can subscribe to your channel and tip you real money, as you perform because they get some fun perks for doing it. Subscriptions get you to access to a custom emoji that’s designed by the streamers to use in the chat. Some streamers can also choose to reward their subscribers with an ad-free viewing experience. Donations get your song request to the top of the list. Every contribution gets recognized on-screen and by the streamer verbally.

The Music Category isn’t saturated yet

The number of creators is not so huge on the platform. So you can still get discovered, but it’s big enough that there are people there to discover you. If you build an audience now, you’ll grow along with the music category which is on a boom with social distancing.

It’s a mature platform with a supportive music community

Twitch is not a startup, it’s been around for 9 years and was bought by Amazon a few years ago. They have around 15 million daily active users and music is one of the top non-gaming categories.
Music creators on Twitch watch each others’ streams, subscribe to each others’ channels. When they are done streaming, they send their viewers to a channel they like. 

Live streaming is just like hanging out, talking to people, and playing music. It’s a very organic way of getting fans. Most importantly, with Twitch, you get to earn money from Day 1!