Free Music Distribution Services in India

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Music, being the language of the heart, demands the total involvement of the musician from its inception to completion. Undoubtedly, music distribution is the most significant part of it. Composing good music doesn’t suffice alone. You must create a score to enchant the established fan base and bring in new fans. As far as music is concerned, physical media is on the verge of extinction. The time is to sell the music through streaming sites. If you’re a budding artist with a shortage of funds, you can look for free music distribution services.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Music Distribution Services in India
  2. Approaching the Right Music Distribution Company
  3. Mechanism of Music Distribution
  4. Connecting with Music Distributors in India
  5. Why Choose Deliver My Tune?
  6. Final Takeaways

Best Music Distribution Services in India

Below are some of the music streaming apps where the best music distribution services in India distribute your creations:

  1. Spotify
  2. Wynk
  3. Amuse
  4. Napster
  5. Hungama
  6. iTunes/ Apple Music

These platforms help your talent reach the next level. As an independent artist, making a song ready as a singer is quite challenging. Promoting music is tough. In today’s time, without the assistance of experts, you cannot reach out to an apt audience. It is significant to concentrate on how a musician endorses a new music release.

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Approaching the Right Music Distribution Company

Some singers release songs directly on OTT platforms but do not earn a satisfactory amount. It happens as most singers take all responsibilities upon themselves, although this might not ensure success. Approaching the right music distribution companies is the key to making yourself visible. Music distributors are professionals with great networks in the music industry. They help your music reach the targeted audience. As you want to be established with record labels, you must pay heed to music promotion. However, for beginners, it is challenging to sell their music directly. Herein lies the need for music distribution services.

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Mechanism of Music Distribution

Music distributors play a crucial role in an artist’s journey, and they help newcomers achieve what they desire. Below are the strategies they follow:

Earning Royalties

The fundamental role of music distributors is to allot the royalties back to their real owners. The music industry is going digital. Nowadays, a flexible pay-out system is in progress for new musicians. In this digital era, musicians earn as users play their songs and listen. The distributors communicate and make plans for royalties floating from DSPs to the artists. The core function of distributors is getting the artist’s music out and transporting recording royalties to the most deserving individual.

Distributing Releases to DSPs

Nowadays, it is mandatory to have a well-streamed tech pipeline to assure the availability of music to sources like OTT platforms, offline listeners, and social media. Usually, DSPs do not permit artists to upload their music directly. They prefer working with distributors to avoid the chaos of organizing pay distribution and unstandardized metadata.

Trade Marketing

Earlier, customers used to walk into a record store and be presented with millions of choices. The sections were governed by genre to help them find their music. The selections category delivered an eclectic mix of new releases, while the sales counter promoted recent hit releases. Every consumer passed through these shelves to purchase tapes and CDs. They worked with the record stores to feature the premium sections. It was regarded as an achievement.

Things have evolved, but OTT platforms still follow the same strategy. Users visit online streaming platforms, find the browse section, tap on the latest releases, and play their favorite music. The list plays the most trending song of the time, as the particular music piece has managed to attain the maximum reach amongst the audience. An artist can upload and distribute their original music entirely free of cost with the help of music distribution services.

Connecting with Music Distributors in India

Music distributors in India distribute their tunes for free. There are numerous options out there that help in the distribution of singles and albums. The streaming service provider’s software emphasizes digital audio file distribution. Audio songs are encoded in the MP3 format. The distribution sites help musicians distribute them smoothly and effectively to several online platforms and stores across the web.

The best music distribution services help brands build awareness to enhance engagement and loyalty by using a full range of digital skills, online media planning, creative campaigns, and website design. Use the premium music distributors in India, and like many newcomers, you too can make a name for yourself with songs that have already topped charts globally. A planned rendition of a popular creation can catapult a less famous artist to relative viral fame speedily in this internet era.

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Why Choose Deliver My Tune?

Deliver My Tune guarantees to offer each budding talent a marvelous opportunity to concentrate on marketing themselves by making them the talk of the town. Another way you can reach out to the audiences is through social media, which plays a crucial role in communication these days. Besides, there are numerous strategies to sell and promote music, but they cannot compete with the satisfaction that the best music distribution services in India offer to the artists.

On behalf of a songwriter, a music distribution service collects the entire amount and provides patents and security for their work. Distributors also receive the share of prime sales, both online and offline, for independent artists and labels who deliver music to the online streaming portals.

Final Takeaways

It is not difficult for free music distribution services to perform all significant tasks and promote the music. Imagine an artist doing everything with their efforts! However, music distribution alone cannot give you the expected results. Thus, singers can invest time and energy to market themselves in several ways.