What does a music portfolio consist of? Beginners Edit

As a budding musician, are you wondering what a portfolio for you would look like? Are you confused as to how to make a music portfolio and what to include in it? In this article, we will answer all your music portfolio-related questions, however, before that let’s talk about why you need one.

Why do you need a music portfolio?

If you want to carve a niche for yourself in music, among the things you need for your journey in the industry is – one, definitely your talent, and two, a portfolio.  You need a music portfolio for several reasons. It’s kind of like a resume and fulfills the same function albeit slightly differently. It’s not the same resume as is typically required in other jobs, in fact, it does not even look like one. But it’s essential for every artist. 

You need to have a portfolio for you to professionally work in the industry. A portfolio generally consists of an artist’s work, musical background, planned career path, and current trajectory. It can also include their best works, achievements, and music style/genre. It can be an online music portfolio or an electronic press kit, there’s also no fixed format. But it’s the standard and professional way of showcasing your talent to people such as music labels, agents, or representatives for them to assess you as a prospect.

As a beginner, you need to build a portfolio for yourself as having one makes you look professional and serious about your career as a musician and not just a hobbyist, especially if you are going to be associating with record labels, accomplished musicians, and others in the music business.

Now let’s get to what all you can include in your portfolio

What to include in your music portfolio

Coming back to the main point – how to make a music portfolio as a beginner and what all to include in it, it is simple. The idea of a portfolio is to show your work as an artist, present your style, and a few other things that are essential (mentioned right below)

Name and Photo

You must include your name, or the name you go by as an artist along with your photo in your portfolio. If you are wondering why you are required to include a photo in your music portfolio, the reason is – it’s a creative portfolio of an artist and your art needs to have a face to it. People may love your music when they hear it but they still need a face to put with it to relate to it. And wouldn’t you want to be recognized for your work! Therefore, do include a nice click – a headshot of you with a good resolution. Avoid using heavily edited or dark images.


Include a short biography where you talk about your musical background, how you started making music, your inspiration, and info such as what all instruments you play if you’ve been part of a band, and where you aspire to take your career. Draft a thoughtful bio for yourself, keeping it short and simple.

Your music

Do add your music so that they can listen to you! Include links to your SoundCloud or any other music hosting platform you prefer. You can also add links to any platforms where your music is featured. If you’ve played shows or recorded a demo or some songs, solo or with a band, you can include that as well.

Social media links, photos, etc

Any links to your social media profiles, special mentions, features, etc. You can add photos to your live performances too! And any of your upcoming shows or performances.

Contact information

Don’t forget to include your contact info so that people can reach out to you.

As a beginner, you may not have a lot to put in your portfolio but you gotta start somewhere. You should begin putting together one and then keep updating it as you grow and progress. 

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