How to Become a Paid Songwriter

Do happen to have an awesome catalog of songs? Do you want to make money out of them? Obviously, you do. 

Essentially everything in the music industry spins out of a written song, even so, songwriting has been a precursor to many successful music careers.

How to get money from Songwriting

Songwriting really pays, but through just one medium rather than multiple which are as follows: 

  1. Sync Licensing: This has been quite popular recently, allowing and syncing your songs will enable their placement into TV, Film, and even advertising projects.  You can pick and choose these opportunities by yourself or by joining a music library. You are compensated every time they are used.
  2. Pushing for Deals: This is one of the fairly prevalent methods in which you usually submit songs through lawyers or managers to labels and even publishing houses or by self-publishing. Once you get signed you may also get a monthly advance against your future royalties 
  3. Mechanical Licensing: There is a sheer demand for well-written songs. Hunger for these songs is insatiable across the aisle. There are a few marketplaces where you can put your songs for someone else to record. You get revenue when you’re licensed but not always will you be allowed to retain ownership.
  4. Record and Distribute: You must be thinking, obviously I know this method but just add to the context we’re putting it here. You can start releasing music on Spotify, iTunes, and more. 

If you do happen to have a catalog of songs written, before you put them out on marketplaces for the public to consume, the most sought after genres are as follows currently 

  1. Pop
  2. Alternate Pop
  3. Indie 
  4. Hip Hop 
  5. Country 

A lot of artists and singers looking for original songs would be both local and global, especially overseas where music sensibilities and tastes are slightly different.
To put across a Final Note, let’s put it on the quality. There are numerous ways to define a song’s quality: Lyrics, how it was designed. Conceived and engineered.  The melody even the lyrical quality can impact the popularity and the love your songs will get thus the revenue you stand to make. 

The reality of music streaming hinges on the Hits it gets, the more well-written and good song , the better the opportunity. You may be able to write limited number of hits but you stand to earn a lot of revenue including, performance, streaming, and even distribution royalties