Top 10 Streaming Platforms in India

streaming platforms in india

India has witnessed a significant rise in music streaming over the past few years. With a diverse musical culture and a tech-savvy population, the demand for music streaming services has surged. Here, we delve into the Top 10 Streaming Platforms in India, exploring their unique features and what makes them stand out in the crowded market.

1. Spotify

Spotify has become a household name globally, and its presence in India is no different. Launched in India in 2019, Spotify offers a vast library of music across various genres and languages, catering to the diverse musical tastes of Indian listeners.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Playlists: Spotify curates playlists like “Daily Mix” and “Discover Weekly” based on user preferences.
  • Podcasts: A wide range of podcasts are available, including exclusive content.
  • Free and Premium Options: The free tier includes ads, while the premium tier offers ad-free listening, offline downloads, and high-quality audio.

Why Spotify?

Spotify’s algorithm-driven recommendations and extensive library make it one of the Top Indian Music Streaming Services. Its user-friendly interface and high-quality streaming further enhance its appeal.

2. Gaana

Gaana is one of the pioneers in the Indian music streaming industry. Launched in 2010, it boasts a vast collection of Indian and international music.

Key Features:

  • Regional Music: Extensive collection of songs in multiple Indian languages.
  • Gaana Originals: Exclusive tracks and albums by popular artists.
  • Social Features: Users can follow friends and celebrities to see what they are listening to.

Why Gaana?

Gaana is known for its rich catalog of regional music, making it a Leading Streaming Platform in India. Its focus on Indian languages and cultures helps it resonate with a broad audience.

3. JioSaavn

JioSaavn is a merger of JioMusic and Saavn, creating a powerful entity in the music streaming world. It offers a seamless blend of Bollywood, regional, and international music.

Key Features:

  • JioTunes: Set your favorite songs as caller tunes.
  • Exclusive Content: Exclusive releases and podcasts.
  • Integration with Jio: Special benefits for Jio users, including data-free streaming.

Why JioSaavn?

JioSaavn’s extensive catalog and integration with Jio services make it a Major Music Streaming Platform in India. Its competitive pricing and exclusive content are added advantages.

4. Apple Music

Apple Music, launched in India in 2015, has carved a niche for itself with its high-quality streaming and exclusive content.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Audio: Offers lossless and spatial audio.
  • Exclusive Releases: Early access to albums and tracks from popular artists.
  • Cross-Platform Syncing: Syncs across all Apple devices.

Why Apple Music?

Apple Music’s emphasis on high-quality audio and exclusive releases makes it one of the Top-Rated Streaming Services in India. Its seamless integration with Apple devices enhances the user experience.

5. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is a part of the Amazon Prime subscription, offering a vast collection of songs and albums at no additional cost.

Key Features:

  • Ad-Free Listening: No ads for an uninterrupted experience.
  • Alexa Integration: Voice control with Alexa-enabled devices.
  • Offline Downloads: Download songs for offline listening.

Why Amazon Prime Music?

The inclusion of Amazon Prime Music in the Amazon Prime subscription makes it a value-for-money option. Its ad-free experience and Alexa integration position it as a Popular Music Streaming Platform in India.

6. YouTube Music

YouTube Music leverages YouTube’s massive user base and vast content library to offer a unique music streaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Official Songs and Videos: Access to official tracks and music videos.
  • User-Generated Content: Includes covers, remixes, and live performances.
  • Smart Search: Search songs by lyrics or descriptions.

Why YouTube Music?

YouTube Music‘s extensive library and unique features like smart search and user-generated content make it one of the Leading Streaming Platforms in India. Its integration with YouTube is a significant advantage.

7. Wynk Music

Wynk Music, an initiative by Bharti Airtel, offers a comprehensive music streaming service with a focus on Indian and international music.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Genres: Covers multiple genres and languages.
  • Free for Airtel Users: Special benefits for Airtel subscribers.
  • High-Quality Audio: Offers high-quality streaming and downloads.

Why Wynk Music?

Wynk Music’s extensive catalog and benefits for Airtel users make it a Major Music Streaming Platform in India. Its high-quality streaming and wide range of genres are notable features.

8. Hungama Music

Hungama Music, launched in 1999, is one of the oldest music streaming platforms in India. It offers a diverse collection of music, including Bollywood, regional, and international tracks.

Key Features:

  • Hungama Pro: Ad-free experience and HD quality music.
  • Music Videos: Extensive library of music videos.
  • Loyalty Program: Earn and redeem points for rewards.

Why Hungama Music?

Hungama Music’s long-standing presence and extensive catalog make it a Top Indian Music Streaming Service. Its loyalty program and high-quality streaming add to its appeal.

9. Resso

Resso, a relatively new entrant in the Indian market, focuses on creating a social music streaming experience. Launched by ByteDance, it integrates social media features with music streaming.

Key Features:

  • Lyric Quotes: Share lyrics as quotes on social media.
  • User-Generated Playlists: Create and share playlists with friends.
  • Interactive Features: Comment and interact with other users.

Why Resso?

Resso’s innovative approach to combining music streaming with social media makes it a Popular Music Streaming Platform in India. Its focus on user interaction sets it apart.

10. SoundCloud

SoundCloud, known for its user-generated content, has a significant presence in India. It provides a platform for independent artists to share their music.

Key Features:

  • User-Generated Content: Access to a vast library of independent music.
  • SoundCloud Go+: Ad-free experience and offline listening.
  • Artist Support: Tools and features to support independent artists.

Why SoundCloud?

SoundCloud‘s emphasis on independent music and user-generated content makes it a Major Music Streaming Platform in India. Its tools for artists and ad-free experience are key highlights.

In-Depth Comparison of Top Indian Music Streaming Services

To help you choose the best streaming platform, let’s compare these streaming platforms in India based on various factors.

Library Size and Variety

  • Spotify: Offers over 70 million tracks, including international and Indian music.
  • Gaana: Extensive catalog with a strong focus on Bollywood and regional music.
  • JioSaavn: Combines extensive Bollywood and international music libraries.
  • Apple Music: Features over 75 million songs with a mix of global and regional tracks.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Offers millions of tracks across genres and languages.
  • YouTube Music: Access to official songs, music videos, and user-generated content.
  • Wynk Music: Wide range of genres, especially strong in Indian music.
  • Hungama Music: Comprehensive collection of Bollywood and regional music.
  • Resso: Growing library with a focus on social interaction.
  • SoundCloud: Unique mix of independent and mainstream music.

Pricing and Plans

  • Spotify: Free tier with ads; premium starts at ₹119/month.
  • Gaana: Free tier with ads; Gaana Plus starts at ₹99/month.
  • JioSaavn: Free tier with ads; Pro plan starts at ₹99/month.
  • Apple Music: Individual plan at ₹99/month; family plan available.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Included with Amazon Prime subscription (₹129/month).
  • YouTube Music: Free tier with ads; Premium at ₹129/month.
  • Wynk Music: Free for Airtel users; premium starts at ₹49/month.
  • Hungama Music: Pro plan starts at ₹99/month.
  • Resso: Free tier with ads; Premium starts at ₹99/month.
  • SoundCloud: Free tier with ads; Go+ starts at ₹99/month.

Unique Features

  • Spotify: Personalized playlists, podcasts, high-quality streaming.
  • Gaana: Gaana Originals, social features, regional music.
  • JioSaavn: JioTunes, exclusive content, integration with Jio.
  • Apple Music: High-quality audio, exclusive releases, cross-platform syncing.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Ad-free, Alexa integration, offline downloads.
  • YouTube Music: Smart search, official and user-generated content.
  • Wynk Music: Benefits for Airtel users, wide genre range.
  • Hungama Music: Loyalty program, HD quality music videos.
  • Resso: Social interaction, lyric quotes, user-generated playlists.
  • SoundCloud: Independent music, artist support, user-generated content.

User Experience and Interface

  • Spotify: Intuitive interface, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. It also offers seamless integration with social media and other apps, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Gaana: User-friendly interface with easy navigation. It also offers a dark mode and customizable themes, making it visually appealing.
  • JioSaavn: Simple and clean interface. The app is designed to be straightforward, ensuring users can quickly find and play their favorite music.
  • Apple Music: Sleek and modern design with a focus on album art and artist visuals. Its interface is highly integrated with other Apple services.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Clean and easy-to-navigate interface with a focus on Alexa integration for voice commands.
  • YouTube Music: Familiar interface for YouTube users, with a focus on video integration and easy navigation between audio and video.
  • Wynk Music: Simple interface with a focus on usability, especially for Airtel users who get additional benefits and features.
  • Hungama Music: Engaging interface with a focus on video content and loyalty rewards. It’s designed to keep users engaged through various features.
  • Resso: Interactive and visually appealing interface with social features integrated seamlessly. Users can comment, like, and share music directly from the app.
  • SoundCloud: Simple yet effective interface with a strong focus on community and user-generated content. It’s easy to upload and share music.

Availability and Accessibility

  • Spotify: Available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, web, and desktop. It also integrates well with various smart devices and car systems.
  • Gaana: Accessible on Android, iOS, and web platforms. It also has an offline mode for music downloads.
  • JioSaavn: Available on Android, iOS, and web. It offers offline downloads and integration with Jio devices.
  • Apple Music: Integrated across all Apple devices and also available on Android and Windows.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Accessible through the Amazon Prime app on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and web.
  • YouTube Music: Available on Android, iOS, and web, with seamless integration with YouTube.
  • Wynk Music: Available on Android and iOS. It offers offline downloads and exclusive content for Airtel users.
  • Hungama Music: Accessible on Android, iOS, and web. It offers a download feature for offline listening.
  • Resso: Available on Android and iOS, with a focus on mobile accessibility.
  • SoundCloud: Accessible on Android, iOS, and web. It supports music uploads from any platform.

Music Discovery and Recommendations

  • Spotify: Renowned for its powerful algorithm that recommends new music through playlists like “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar.”
  • Gaana: Offers curated playlists and recommendations based on user listening habits, including “Gaana Recommends” and genre-specific playlists.
  • JioSaavn: Provides personalized recommendations and curated playlists. Its editorial content is also noteworthy.
  • Apple Music: Offers curated playlists and recommendations through “For You” and “New Music Mix.” It also features exclusive artist content.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Uses Alexa and user data to provide personalized recommendations and curated playlists.
  • YouTube Music: Combines YouTube’s recommendation engine to suggest music based on viewing and listening habits.
  • Wynk Music: Offers recommendations and curated playlists, focusing on regional and Bollywood music.
  • Hungama Music: Provides recommendations through “Hungama Recommends” and other curated playlists.
  • Resso: Uses a social-based recommendation system, suggesting music based on user interactions and trends.
  • SoundCloud: Leverages its community to recommend new and trending independent music, including user-generated playlists.

Additional Services and Integrations

  • Spotify: Integrates with various apps and devices including gaming consoles, smart speakers, and social media platforms.
  • Gaana: Features Gaana HotShots (short video platform) and integrates with social media for sharing music.
  • JioSaavn: Offers integration with Jio devices and services, including JioTunes.
  • Apple Music: Seamlessly integrates with other Apple services such as iTunes, Siri, and Apple Watch.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Integrates with Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices.
  • YouTube Music: Integrates with YouTube for a seamless audio and video experience.
  • Wynk Music: Offers exclusive content and benefits for Airtel users, integrating with Airtel services.
  • Hungama Music: Integrates with Hungama Play for video content and features a loyalty program.
  • Resso: Features social media integrations, allowing users to share music quotes and playlists.
  • SoundCloud: Provides tools for artists to upload and share music, integrating with various social media platforms.

The landscape of streaming platforms in India is continually evolving. Here are some future trends to watch:

Increasing Regional Content

As more users from diverse linguistic backgrounds come online, streaming platforms are focusing on regional content. Platforms like Gaana and JioSaavn are already leading in this space by offering extensive collections in multiple languages.

Personalized User Experience

AI and machine learning are driving personalized music recommendations. Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are investing heavily in improving their algorithms to provide a more personalized user experience.

Integration with Smart Devices

The integration of music streaming services with smart devices such as smart speakers, TVs, and cars is set to increase. Services like Amazon Prime Music with Alexa integration and Apple Music with Siri control are already ahead in this area.

Social and Interactive Features

Platforms like Resso are pioneering the integration of social features with music streaming. This trend is likely to grow, with more platforms adding features that allow users to interact and share their music experiences.

Exclusive and Original Content

To stand out in the competitive market, platforms are investing in exclusive content and original productions. Gaana Originals and Spotify’s exclusive podcasts are examples of this trend.

High-Quality Audio

There is a growing demand for high-quality audio streaming. Platforms like Apple Music and Spotify are already offering lossless and high-resolution audio options, and this trend is expected to continue.

Enhanced Artist Support

Supporting independent artists through better revenue sharing, tools, and exposure is becoming a priority for many streaming platforms. SoundCloud is a leader in this area, providing extensive tools and support for independent musicians.


The Top 10 Streaming Platforms in India offer a variety of features catering to different musical tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for high-quality audio, exclusive content, or a social listening experience, there is a platform for everyone. By exploring these Leading Streaming Platforms in India, users can find the perfect service to meet their music streaming needs.

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