Boost Your Musical Potential with Deliver My Tune’s Exciting New Services!

Hey folks, there is good news for all the artists, labels, artist managers, and music industry professionals! Deliver My Tune has launched new and fresh services with a lot of additional features that empower the artist’s growth in so many ways. These updated services are designed to simplify the music distribution process, enhance the quality of your tracks, and boost your online presence, making it easier for you to focus on creating great music.

With Deliver My Tune’s Music Distribution Services, you can now get your music on over 100 platforms, ensuring a global reach. The AI Mastering   service uses advanced technology to bring your tracks to professional standards. The   Artist Portfolio   service helps you create a personalised space to showcase your talent. Lastly, the   Social Media Management   service is here to help you maintain a strong and engaging online presence.

Each service is crafted to be user-friendly and accessible, providing you with the necessary tools to succeed in the music industry. Whether you are an independent artist distributing your first track or a label managing multiple releases, Deliver My Tune Services are tailored to meet your needs. Explore these new features today and take your music career to the next level!

Discover Deliver My Tune’s Latest Services

Deliver My Tune has launched the following updated services:

  • Music Distribution Services: From your studio to 100+ platforms worldwide.
  • AI Mastering: Enhance your tracks to professional quality.
  • Artist Portfolio: Create a personalised professional portfolio to showcase your talent.
  • Social Media Services: Maintain a strong online presence with the latest technology and trends of the now.

These services are designed to empower artists, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive music industry. Explore these new features and take your music career to the next level with Deliver My Tune Services!

Music Distribution Services

Music distribution is a crucial step in getting your music heard by a global audience. At Deliver My Tune, we specialise in making this process as seamless and efficient as possible. Our updated Music Distribution Services ensure that your tracks reach over 100 platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, giving you maximum exposure and potential for success. In our latest service we are providing the features from editorial pitching to real-time support and more.


  • Lifetime Distribution: We’re charging for one time and then keep your song live on all platforms for your lifetime. 
  • Comprehensive Support: Get help navigating the complexities of the music industry.
  • Fair Royalties: Ensure you receive fair compensation for your work.
  • Professional-Quality Mastering: Access top-tier mastering options.
  • Promotional Tools: Use tools to help your music stand out.

Pricing & Plans:-

For Artist

Only on Deliver My Tune199959999999
Lifetime Distribution
(Don’t pay for the same song again)
No Hidden Cost YesYesYes
50% Publishing RoyaltyYesYesYes
50% Sync RoyaltyYesYesYes
Artist Care48 Hours24 Hours12 Hours
AI MasteringNoYesYes
Spotify & Apple VerificationNoYesYes
WhatsApp SupportNoNoYes
Unlimited ArtistsYesYesYes
Customizable Label NameYesYesYes
Official YouTube Artist Channel RequestNoYesYes
Editorial PitchNoNoYes
Social Media Profile LinkingYesYesYes
Commonly Service Provided
Official Sales ReportYesYesYes
Schedule Your Own Release DateYesYesYes
100+ PlatformsYesYesYes
Cover Art CreatorYesYesYes
Free UPC & Free ISRCYesYesYes

For Labels

If someone have 50+ songs/album then we will consider as a Label.

Lifetime Distribution (Don’t pay for the same song again)Yes
No Hidden CostYes
Publishing Royalty50%
Sync Royalty 50%
AI MasteringFree
Artist Care 12 Hours
WhatsApp SupportYes
Spotify & Apple VerificationArtist Care Yes
Customizable Label NameYes
Official YouTube Artist Channel RequestYes
Editorial PitchYes
Social Media Profile LinkingYes
Official Sales ReportYes
Schedule Your Own Release DateYes
100+ PlatformsYes
Cover Art CreatorYes
Free UPC & Free ISRCYes

Each package comes with a one-year plan validity with lifetime distribution and varying support response times, ensuring you get the assistance you need promptly. While the updated Music Distribution Services are not live on the website yet, you can contact our support team for more information and to get started with distributing your music.

Online AI Mastering 

Enhancing the quality of your music is essential for making a lasting impression on listeners. Deliver My Tune’s AI Mastering service leverages advanced technology to bring your tracks to professional standards. Our AI-powered tool analyzes and enhances your music, providing a polished final product that’s ready for any platform.


  • Consistency: Ensure a cohesive sound across all your tracks.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money compared to traditional studio mastering.
  • User-Friendly: Accessible for those new to music production.

Pricings & Plans

99959999999 for Labels
Credits110 SongsUnlimitedUnlimited
Validity1 Year1 Year1 Year

Each package offers a one-year validity, ensuring you can master as many tracks as needed within that period. The AI Mastering service is designed to provide quick turnaround times, allowing you to focus more on creating music and less on post-production. Though the updated AI Mastering services are not live on the website yet, you can contact our team to start enhancing your tracks today.

Artist Portfolio

Having a professional online presence is crucial for connecting with your audience and showcasing your talent. Deliver My Tune’s Artist Portfolio service provides a customizable platform where you can display your music, videos, and updates in a visually appealing way. This service is designed to help you create a centralized hub for all your artistic endeavors.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Make it easier for fans and industry professionals to discover your work.
  • Brand Building: Present a cohesive and professional image.
  • Increased Engagement: Keep your audience connected and engaged.

Pricing & Plans

The pricing for the Artist Portfolio service starts from 1999/- per year.


Customizable Themes: Choose from a variety of professionally designed themes that reflect your unique style.

Easy Editing and Customization: Use intuitive tools to edit and update your portfolio.

Integrated Music Links: Link your Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube accounts directly to your portfolio.

Updates: Show your event highlights, and upcoming events.

Shareable Link: Share your portfolio link with fans, collaborators, and industry professionals.

Portfolio Templates:-

How to Get

To create your portfolio, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Website: Access your account or create a new one.
  • Go to Artists Dashboard: Navigate to your dashboard to manage your services.
  • Click on Portfolio: On the left side, you will see the Portfolio option. Click there and choose the template that fits you best.

Start building your portfolio today and showcase your music like never before!

Social Media Management for Artists

In today’s digital age, having a vibrant and engaging online presence is essential for any artist. Deliver My Tune’s Social Media Management service is designed to elevate your online persona, amplify your visibility, and cultivate a robust digital presence. Through strategic management of key platforms, tailored content creation, and proactive engagement, we help you reach a wider audience and grow your fanbase.

Full Services of Social Media Plan

Our Social Media Management service covers the following platforms:

  • Instagram: We create engaging content for reels and postings, opening the door to collaboration with other artists. Our team manages your social media to promote your new releases, keeping your Instagram profile fresh and vibrant. We aim to make your content go viral among your fans on Instagram.
  • Facebook: We keep your feed active and engaging by producing top-notch content that is perfectly distributed to reach your audience and go viral.
  • YouTube Channel: We handle uploading and optimizing YouTube Shorts to boost your subscriber count. By keeping your YouTube channel active and engaging, we use SEO strategies to enhance discoverability and reach.
  • Spotify/Apple Music Artist Profile: We provide regular updates to ensure your music catalog is current and accurately represented, keeping your fans connected with your latest releases.


Using our Social Media Management service offers several benefits:

  • Handle Your Social Media: We manage your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and music profiles, ensuring consistent and professional engagement.
  • Create Cool Content: We produce eye-catching Reels and photo posts each month, helping you attract more followers.
  • Optimize Your YouTube Channel: Our strategies increase the visibility of your YouTube content, driving more views and engagement.
  • Make Your Portfolio Look Great: Receive premium portfolio templates worth 3999/- at no extra cost.
  • Keep Your Profiles Fresh: Regular updates to your Spotify and Apple Music profiles keep your fans connected with your latest releases.
  • Get Your Music Heard: We pitch your music to playlist curators, increasing your chances of getting more streams.

How to Get

To get started with our Social Media Management service, you can contact us now.


Each service is crafted to be user-friendly and accessible, providing you with the necessary tools to succeed in the music industry. Whether you are an independent artist distributing your first track or a label managing multiple releases, Deliver My Tune Services are tailored to meet your needs. Our comprehensive suite of services, from Music Distribution and AI Mastering to Artist Portfolio creation and Social Media Management, ensures you have everything you need to reach your full potential.

Take the next step in your music career by exploring these new features today. Empower yourself with Deliver My Tune Services and watch your career soar to new heights. Don’t wait—join the Deliver My Tune community now and start making your mark in the music industry!

Contact us today to get started with our services.