Spotify Guide: How to launch songs on Spotify?

In the present digital era, the music industry is overflown with budding artists. Music is no longer restricted to studios and concert halls. Artists can now produce music sitting at their couch, in the garage, or at their lousy basement. Even the resources required for setting up a home studio are available easily and pocket-friendly. 

The credit for the rising popularity of local artists goes to online streaming platforms. You can now produce music single-handedly or with your band and publish it over various online music streaming platforms with the help of free music distribution companies.

Spotify is one such hit in the music streaming industry. It has over 381 million active users and 70 million tracks to choose from. Audiences often assume that only popular and verified musicians can publish their songs on Spotify. But that’s not the case, let us discuss some important key factors to launch your music on Spotify.

Importance of publishing music with Spotify

As we all know Spotify is one of the most used music streaming platforms all over the globe. It has a strong number of active users. The reason is its rich user experience and music discovery algorithm. It has advanced technology that understands user behavior and recommends music accordingly. 

The above-mentioned features symbolize that Spotify itself encourages fresh and unheard music. However, we can say that Spotify has given artists of all kinds and backgrounds an opportunity to connect to audiences globally. 

How to Launch music with Spotify?

Music distributors work closely with music streaming platforms to publish your music. These agencies take care of all the publishing procedures and allow you to focus on what you do best to create music. Publishing music directly without going to any distributor can cost you a lot of time and money, that too with no guarantee. 

The easy and simple way to publish or launch your music on Spotify is via music distributors.

To launch your music online with Spotify, you will need a music distributor. There are paid as well as free music distribution agencies all over the globe. It all depends on the type of distributor and service you choose. 

Different music distributors charge in different manners. Most of the music distributors allow you to keep 100% rights of the music. Some distributors charge up-front fees for publishing a single song, some charge you on yearly basis. Some might not charge you initially but have their cut from the royalties you receive from Spotify. The percentage varies from company to company. Apart from the cost, the time for publishing your music also varies. 


Before your music is available to the audience, it has to pass the standards set by the distributor and the streaming platform. The time to verify your music by the distributor completely depends on the company, but it takes approximately two weeks for Spotify to inspect your music as per their terms and conditions. It is recommended that your submission date and release date should have a gap of at least six weeks— two weeks for the inspection and the rest for spreading the word.

The basic difference between paid and free music distribution services is the means of promotion. Paid distributors take the responsibility of marketing your music. They spread the word via direct ads on music streaming platforms and social media platforms.

Getting paid: When and How much? 

There is no exact way to figure out the actual amount Spotify pays per stream. But the approximate number is around $0.0043 which is way better than other music streaming platforms. However, the time depends on the distributor’s plans. Some pay you weekly, monthly, or yearly. It takes almost 2 weeks for Spotify to release your revenue after the demand is raised.  

In Conclusion

Music distributors are one of the most suitable ways opted by many local as well as popular artists. This allows you to devote all your time and energy to the music. We recommend you getting in touch with the one of best music distribution platforms in India, Deliver My Tune. 

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