New Youtube Music Updates Every Creator Must Know!

As far as YouTube upgradations are concerned, by far YouTube Music  updates is seen getting the lift. There are a lot of new features that you might not be aware of. However, we are going to tell you about the latest upgradations in this blog here. The best part is that the improvements have been made keeping in mind both the aspects. 

  1. How to get more music lovers to using the app?
  2. How to make it more rewarding and helpful for artists?

Let’s look at them one at a time! 

  • Mixtape’ changed to ‘Your Mix’- 

One great change introduced has to be this.The mixtape in the YouTube music app is now more personalised than ever. This also has a section for new releases and discover to introduce new songs that the listener might like. This icon shows new refreshed list everytime you tap on it. 

  • Explore tab reflects top charts from around the world-
    Every chartbuster is reflected in the explore section for users to see music that is loved by most people from around the world and add a new flavor to their playlist. This feature is great for artists as their music this way keeps reaching to new people.
  • For home feed suggestions many new filters are tested-
    For ‘home feed’ section, filters like ‘workout, ‘commute’, and many others are tested. They are aimed towards improving the overall user experience o the platform and making it better for them then the platform’s competitors. 
  • Uploaded music can now be casted to smart speakers for free-
    Because this facility is available for free now, the number of users are increasing rapidly which again is proving to be very beneficial for the artists.
  • Google Search links artists and music to YouTube Music App- 

Now, whenever any person searches for a particular artist or song on Google, the search results reflect YouTube Music link to the same. This makes the artist and his socngs more discoverable and helps them gain more traction.

  • Google Assistant can now play your personal music playlists- 

This easier access has made it even more accessible and loved. Now the users just need to ask the Google Assistant via voice and the songs would be played. 

How can this benefit you? 

It can benefit independent , growing, established musicians, everyone! The reason is simple- Because new features and advancements done by any platform are promoted the most and hence, the content posted making use of that feature or app gets good organic reach too.
When a certain app is established, think of any, the algorithm keeps on changing and that pushes the creators to pay to the platform to promoting their content so that they can increase their reach. 

Currently, YouTube Music app is perfect to get active on for artists to grow organically and make millions of new fans. 

Get ready to make hay while the sun shines. Start focusing on the app and keep a tab on YouTube Music updates. To get assistance at every step from our dedicated and driven team at Deliver My Tune. 

You might be just a song away to your stardom!