New YouTube Music Updates Every Creator Must Know!

As far as YouTube upgradations are concerned, by far YouTube Music updates are seen getting the lift. There are a lot of new features that you might not be aware of. However, we are going to tell you about the latest upgradations in this blog here. The best part is that the improvements have been made keeping in mind both aspects:

  1. How to get more music lovers to use the app?
  2. How to make it more rewarding and helpful for artists?

Let’s look at them one at a time!

YouTube Music Updates: Key Features and Changes

‘Mixtape’ Changed to ‘Your Mix’

One great change introduced has to be this. The mixtape in the YouTube Music app is now more personalized than ever. This also has a section for new releases and discover to introduce new songs that the listener might like. This icon shows a refreshed list every time you tap on it.

Explore Tab Reflects Top Charts from Around the World

Every chartbuster is reflected in the explore section for users to see music that is loved by most people from around the world and add a new flavor to their playlist. This feature is great for artists as their music this way keeps reaching new people.

Home Feed Suggestions with New Filters

For the ‘home feed’ section, filters like ‘workout’, ‘commute’, and many others are tested. They are aimed at improving the overall user experience on the platform and making it better for them than the platform’s competitors.

Uploaded Music Can Now Be Cast to Smart Speakers for Free

Because this facility is available for free now, the number of users is increasing rapidly which again is proving to be very beneficial for the artists.

Now, whenever any person searches for a particular artist or song on Google, the search results reflect YouTube Music links to the same. This makes the artist and his songs more discoverable and helps them gain more traction.

Google Assistant Can Now Play Your Personal Music Playlists

This easier access has made it even more accessible and loved. Now the users just need to ask the Google Assistant via voice and the songs would be played.

How Can These YouTube Music Updates Benefit You?

It can benefit independent, growing, and established musicians alike. The reason is simple: new features and advancements done by any platform are promoted the most and hence, the content posted using those features or apps gets good organic reach too.

When a certain app is established, think of any, the algorithm keeps on changing and that pushes the creators to pay the platform to promote their content so that they can increase their reach. Currently, the YouTube Music app is perfect to get active on for artists to grow organically and make millions of new fans.

Get ready to make hay while the sun shines. Start focusing on the app and keep a tab on YouTube Music updates. To get assistance at every step from our dedicated and driven team at Deliver My Tune, visit our website.

Detailed Look at Each YouTube Music Update

‘Your Mix’ Personalization

YouTube Music’s shift from ‘Mixtape’ to ‘Your Mix’ is a significant update aimed at providing a more personalized music experience. The algorithm curates playlists based on user preferences, listening habits, and new releases. This change enhances user engagement by offering a unique and tailored music experience every time.

Global Top Charts in Explore Tab

The inclusion of global top charts in the Explore tab allows users to discover trending music from around the world. This feature not only introduces users to new music but also helps artists reach a broader audience. By reflecting the most popular songs globally, artists can gain international exposure and increase their fan base.

Enhanced Home Feed with Filters

The new filters in the home feed, such as ‘workout’ and ‘commute’, aim to improve user experience by providing context-specific music recommendations. These filters help users find the perfect soundtrack for different activities, thereby increasing their time spent on the app. For artists, this means more opportunities for their music to be discovered in various contexts.

Free Casting to Smart Speakers

The ability to cast uploaded music to smart speakers for free is a game-changer. This update removes a significant barrier for users, allowing them to enjoy their music on high-quality audio systems without additional costs. For artists, this means their music can be enjoyed in better sound quality, enhancing the listener’s experience and potentially leading to more loyal fans.

Integrating YouTube Music links in Google search results significantly boosts discoverability for artists. Whenever someone searches for an artist or song, the YouTube Music link appears in the search results, making it easier for users to find and listen to music. This integration helps artists gain more streams and reach a wider audience.

Voice Commands with Google Assistant

The ability to control YouTube Music via Google Assistant adds a layer of convenience for users. By simply using voice commands, users can play their favorite songs, albums, or playlists without needing to interact with their devices manually. This feature enhances the overall user experience and makes it more likely for users to engage with the app frequently.

Benefits for Musicians

Organic Reach and Growth

New features on platforms like YouTube Music are often heavily promoted, providing artists with an excellent opportunity to grow organically. By leveraging these updates, musicians can reach new audiences without relying solely on paid promotions.

Increased Engagement

Features like personalized playlists and global top charts increase user engagement, which in turn benefits artists. More engaged users are likely to explore new music, follow artists, and attend live events, all of which contribute to an artist’s success.

Better Discoverability

Integration with Google search and the ability to cast music to smart speakers for free significantly improve discoverability. Artists can reach a wider audience and increase their streams, leading to higher visibility and potential earnings.

Improved User Experience

Enhancements like voice commands and context-specific filters create a better user experience, encouraging more frequent use of the app. For artists, this means more opportunities for their music to be played and enjoyed by users.

Staying Updated

To make the most of these YouTube Music updates, it’s crucial for artists to stay informed about the latest features and changes. Regularly checking the YouTube Creators page and the YouTube Music Support page will help artists stay ahead of the curve.


The latest YouTube Music updates are designed to enhance both user experience and artist benefits. By staying informed and leveraging these new features, musicians can grow their audience, increase engagement, and improve their overall success on the platform. As these updates continue to roll out, it’s an exciting time for artists to capitalize on the opportunities presented by YouTube Music.

For more detailed guides and updates on YouTube Music Updates, stay tuned to our blog. We cover everything you need to know about maximizing your reach and success in the music industry.

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