Indian Artists Beating Corona with Funny Creatives

Today’s burning question is how to deal with contingencies of life. Like personal loss or maybe a collective phenomenon of which you are apart. The onset of the corona pandemic was one such recent event influencing the lives of almost all humans on earth. The world came to a standstill. Thanks to the ordinance of social distancing. Gathering or crowd was prohibited. Like all the performing industries, the music industry in India was hit badly. Now, the question is, how did the Indian Artists beating Corona Pandemic?

One of the surest ways to beat the depressing situation is by laughing at it. In this way, we can accommodate ourselves to this mass tragedy.

Likewise, the Indian artists began to create funny creatives that tried to depict the lucid and severe aspect of this whole situation of which we have no control. However, not all artists created something funny. They were singers who gave tribute to COVID warriors through their music.

Baba Sehgal Beat Corona with his Namaste

There had been a rising trend among the Indian musicians to get the best out of this untoward situation. They had been fed on the net and got a million likes and followers worldwide. In this way, the collective contingency is being squarely faced and overcome by the spirit of art.

For example, singer-rapper Baba Sehgal came with his song Namaste when he saw even Prince Charles was adopting the Indian culture of greeting people amidst the pandemic. The song talks about the Corona rules, which the government urged people to follow. Thus, during a global pandemic, a fun-filled rap song allowed people to gather information related to COVID-19.

Singer Shaan and Others Dedicated Song to COVID Warriors!

We couldn’t have survived this pandemic if there weren’t any COVID warriors. Hence, they are Indians fighting for the nation. Thus, singer Shaan dedicated his song Main Asli Hindustan Hu to these unsung heroes. As without them, we wouldn’t have successfully fought this pandemic situation.

Bhajan Singer’s Kittho Aaya Corona is a Twitter Hit

Like others, bhajan singer Narendra Chanchal’s Kittho Aaya Corona is a massive Twitter hit. Thus, making it a viral song of the year.

Common Man Making Corona Parody

It has happened before, and the same trend can be witnessed. A mass tragedy faced with the spirit of humor to counter the absurdity of this suffering. The absurd is the root of all humor.

In our jokes, we relish the absurd. The parody made by the Indian artist got a worldwide appreciation. Thus, opening an entire world of opportunities for the young budding talent.

One such young talent was Tejas Gambhir from Pune, who made the Corona Wala Gaana. His parody of the famous song “Suno Na Suno Na” from Chalte Chalte. Soon, the parody song became a massive hit among all listeners. It was beyond the imagination of Tejas.

A similar thing happened with Anshutosh Patel, whose parody of the famous Justin Bieber song Shape of You. These parodies have now become an artistic weapon. It helps in dealing with corona during this distressful situation.

Musicians’ Role in Spreading Awareness and Hope

During the pandemic, many Indian artists used their platform not only to entertain but also to educate and spread awareness. Songs like Baba Sehgal’s Namaste and Shaan’s tribute to COVID warriors are perfect examples of how music can play a role in public health campaigns. These songs not only entertained but also reinforced important messages about safety and gratitude.

In addition to well-known artists, many emerging artists took to social media to share their own compositions, parodies, and covers that reflected the unique experiences of living through the pandemic. These creative expressions served as a collective coping mechanism and helped build a sense of community and resilience among listeners.

Digital Platforms Boosting Artist Outreach

With live performances on hold, Indian musicians turned to digital platforms to reach their audience. Streaming services, social media, and virtual concerts became essential tools for artists to maintain their presence and connect with fans. This shift also highlighted the importance of digital music distribution in the modern music industry.

Platforms like Deliver My Tune played a crucial role in this transition. By providing artists with the tools and services needed to publish their music online, Deliver My Tune helped musicians navigate the challenges of the pandemic and continue sharing their art with the world.

How Deliver My Tune Supports Indian Artists

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Conclusion: The Future of Music in a Post-Pandemic World

Now, let’s keep the jocular part aside. It is of genuine concern how the budding music artists can make a mark in the post-pandemic period. Social distance would have to be maintained, and therefore live performances are not encouraged. The avenues open for the Indian artists is to find a music aggregator and distributor. Deliver My Tune is one such platform that would take the entire responsibility to spread your talent across the world.

Music is created in the hearts of man but requires the patronage of its connoisseurs. The pandemic has shown that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of music can thrive and bring people together. As the world gradually recovers, the lessons learned and the innovations adopted during this time will continue to shape the future of the music industry.

Indian artists have demonstrated resilience, creativity, and adaptability, proving that no matter the circumstances, the power of music remains unshaken. Whether through humorous parodies, heartfelt tributes, or innovative digital outreach, Indian musicians have not only survived but thrived during the corona pandemic, showing the world the true spirit of Indian art and culture.