SoundCloud Monetization

What is SoundCloud Monetization? Just like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Napster, you can earn money whenever someone streams your music on SoundCloud. Add to that, you get a share of the advertising revenue generated in countries where the service is available. 

How does SoundCloud monetization work?

As an independent artist:

  • You must own a verified account, and you need to have over 1000 subscribers.
  • The song which you need to monetize must get over 500 streams per month, in countries where the service is available.
  • Your music must be original, and you must own 100% copyright to it.
  • You can’t have any copyright strikes against your account.

There are many other conditions and requirements for an indie artist to meet in order to get his or her music monetized, and most of the time it is challenging to do so. Apart from that, the SoundCloud monetization service is not available in India, yet. So as an indie artist, you have a slim chance to be able to monetize your music independently. The best solution for that is to monetize your music through a music distributor.

However, with a music distributor, you simply upload your artwork, your audio files, share the release date, and they will proceed with monetizing your SoundCloud account instantly. And every time someone streams or listens to your music, you will make money. You can even make money if someone re-uploads your music on the platform.

And although the service is not available in the country yet, the distributor can still monetize your song on SoundCloud. But it will only be available for the audience in the countries where the platform offers the monetization service.

When and how do you generate royalties?

Your music/listen must meet certain criteria to generate a royalty.

  1. The listen/music must be longer than 30 seconds.
  2. Listen must occur in a monetize-able territory.

Then only, you will get paid within 45 days, after the end of the reporting period. The amount you get paid will vary each month. And it depends on how many streams your music has generated, the more the listeners stream your tracks, the larger your share will be. Sound Cloud Monetization is an easy and simple way to earn money as a musician. 

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