Top Guitar Accessories That You Can Buy with $50 in 2024

As a guitarist, you may have already bought multiple accessories. There are many expensive accessory choices for a guitarist to spend their money on. How about trying less expensive ones? Here are the top guitar accessories that you can buy with $50 in 2024, providing a bundle of happiness for you and your guitar without being a massive burden on your pocket.

1. Guitar Maintenance Kit

A guitar maintenance kit is a helpful accessory that is a must-have. You can get this kit for $20-30, and it includes fretboard oil, microfibre cloths, polish, and string winders.

How It Helps:

When you have a guitar, especially an expensive one, just cleaning the dust with a piece of cloth is not enough. To increase the lifespan of your guitar, you need this guitar maintenance kit.

Why Have It:

If you take proper care of strings, they will last longer than usual. The dirt particles accumulated on the fretboard may decrease the longevity of your instrument. The strings sound way better if you regularly clean them and take care of them. This makes it one of the essential guitar accessories that you can buy with $50.

2. Vox amPlug

The Vox amPlug generally costs around $40-50. However, compared to its usage, the price doesn’t seem to be much. The device allows you to plug in your electric guitar so that you can play with your headphones.

How It Helps:

The amPlug can help you create a similar sound effect as an Amp without the high volume. You can play your guitar at night without any complaints from your neighbors.

Why Have It:

The crystal clear sound of the amp makes it an excellent accessory to have. Moreover, it is pretty smooth to carry, and hence you can use it while traveling. As one of the guitar accessories that you can buy with $50, it provides great value for its price.

3. Clip-on Tuners

A guitarist needs to tune their device perfectly before playing it to get the tune right. A good quality clip-on tuner ranges from $16-30. They are battery-operated devices specialized for hassle-free tuning.

How It Helps:

You can clip on the tuners to the headstock while tuning. They help you in tuning by using the vibration on the wood. While the snark-style tuners are beneficial for an acoustic guitar, you can also select a pedal-based tuner for your electric guitar. They can be automatic while preventing the guitar from making an unpleasant sound by cutting the signal.

Why Have It:

Trusting your ears while tuning your instrument is not always a good choice, and you may need to twist the knob a bit more to create a sound. The tuning time with a tuner is much less than doing the task without it. So why not get a clip-on tuner? It will help you to set your guitar before a performance smoothly. This makes it one of the essential guitar accessories that you can buy with $50.

4. Effects Pedals

If you want to modify the sound of your guitar, then effect pedals can be a good and less costly option. They can be of different types, and on this, the price of the models depends. However, you can get a handy and good-quality effects pedal within $50.

How It Helps:

As a guitarist, you may feel the need to bring some subtle changes to the sound of your instrument. The device can change the number of repeats, signal timings, and can also create multiple effects.

Why Have It:

If you like to experiment with music genres, effects pedals can be a cheap and necessary accessory for you. Some pedals can create loops for the layering of tunes. While arrangement or music production, this device can aid the required modification of sound. As one of the guitar accessories that you can buy with $50, it offers great versatility.

5. Tortex Guitar Picks

You probably have a lot of guitar picks in your collection since that’s the first accessory a guitarist starts collecting. But, the accessory list will be incomplete without mentioning these trendy picks. You can get 12 of these Tortex picks for $4.

How It Helps:

The colored picks are flexible, and their weight makes them manageable. The Tortex Picks can generate a gorgeous sound.

Why Have It:

You already know it. It is normal to keep losing those small picks. So having your stock in hand – doesn’t that sound satisfying? This makes Tortex picks some of the most affordable and essential guitar accessories that you can buy with $50.

Additional Affordable Guitar Accessories

6. Capos

A capo is a small device that clamps onto the neck of a guitar at a specific fret, raising the pitch of the instrument. It is an essential accessory for guitarists who play in different keys without retuning the guitar. You can get a good quality capo for around $15.

How It Helps:

Capos allow guitarists to play in various keys easily and quickly without changing finger positions.

Why Have It:

A capo is a versatile tool that enhances your playing experience, making it one of the essential guitar accessories that you can buy with $50.

7. Guitar Straps

A comfortable guitar strap is crucial for performing standing up. You can find high-quality, adjustable guitar straps for around $20.

How It Helps:

Straps provide support and allow for easier playing while standing.

Why Have It:

A good strap ensures comfort during long playing sessions, making it a necessary guitar accessory that you can buy with $50.

8. String Cleaners

String cleaners help maintain the quality and longevity of your guitar strings. They are typically priced around $10.

How It Helps:

Regular use of string cleaners prevents buildup of dirt and oils on the strings, ensuring better sound quality.

Why Have It:

String cleaners extend the life of your strings, making them an essential guitar accessory that you can buy with $50.

9. Slide

A slide is a tube worn on a guitarist’s finger to create a gliding sound on the strings. They come in different materials like glass, metal, and ceramic and cost around $10-15.

How It Helps:

Slides create unique sounds and are used in genres like blues and rock.

Why Have It:

A slide is an affordable accessory that adds variety to your playing style, making it one of the interesting guitar accessories that you can buy with $50.

10. Guitar Stand

A guitar stand is essential for keeping your instrument safe and easily accessible. You can find reliable guitar stands for around $20-30.

How It Helps:

Guitar stands protect your instrument from falls and damage.

Why Have It:

A stand ensures your guitar is always within reach and safely stored, making it a must-have guitar accessory that you can buy with $50.

In Conclusion

These are only a few options for you to tune in your music and the budget all at once. Find your guitar accessories that you can buy with $50 now and enjoy playing! If you look for a budget plan to build your music career, obviously reach us, Deliver My Tune, without delay!

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