Do you need an artist manager? Explained

Tough, It is really tough to be a musician especially in the early days or stages of your career. You would be having this question, should I hire a manager? Well, you are thinking in the right direction. Hiring an artist manager is critical if you truly and wholeheartedly. want to get a firm hold in the music industry. Because of the amount of work required it is really tough indeed to build a career in the industry.

You would need constant engagement with promoters, fans, radio stations and even music journalists, get a website. It is natural all these tasks will leave you short of time for creating music. 

An artist manager handles all of these day-to-day businesses so that you can focus on being a musician and create awesome music. Managers do a lot of things, all of which are focused on creating more opportunities for you. They are the ones strategising the direction you should go in or they steer you towards the right one. 

Still thinking what would a manager do for you and why would you need one?

  1. Building a team is not a small task, it involves booking agents, accountants, publicists, lawyers, radio trackers and other people, who make sure that the strategy to build your career is rock solid
  2. A manager talks to the labels coordinates with venues and promoters and other people on your behalf( reduces most of your work) 
  3. He/She also tracks down sponsors and other income streams including ad placements/endorsements and other income streams. 
  4. Making sure your taxes, merchandise, schedules are in order.
  5. Introducing you to the industry which would boost your career 

An artist for a manager can handle all of these things effortlessly. But Management doesn’t come free, which is why it is important for you to find a manager who can vibe with you and take your vision into consideration and do what’s best for your career.  

The major benefit  of a manager is the exposure it brings along 

Your manager will help you and expose you to the masses, using his or her contacts. He or she can get you gigs, reviews, attention from record labels and also push platforms to push and promote you as an artist. Even though there are a few restrictions as to how much the manager can do for you but they are able to raise awareness about you as an artist. Since the network, they carry their networking could contribute a lot to your success. 

Conclusion: The artist manager will deal with everyday logistics and will work out appropriate career moves for you as a music artist. This would enable you to have enough artistic time for yourself to keep on creating the best possible music setting fire to the charts.
Sometimes it may happen so that hiring a manager can get really expensive and may not also be easy to find, for that people go for share management companies, which means instead of hiring a full-time person, they hire a company that manages many artists along with you. It gets really cheap to begin with.