What are Deliver My Tune Mastering Services?

Deliver My Tune Mastering Services

Deliver My Tune (DMT) has always thrived to make the artist’s work easier so that you can just focus on creating good music and the rest can be taken care of by us. And now, we are here to make the tedious process of music mastering simpler for you by offering our own Mastering services.

What is music mastering?

Mastering is a form of audio post-production, which balances sonic elements of a stereo mix and ensures consistency of sound between various tracks on an album. It uses tools like equalization, compression, and stereo enhancement and creates clean and cohesive audio. It’s the final version of a song that’s prepared for sale, download, streaming, radio play, etc.

Music mastering is essential for distributing your songs on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Gaana, etc.

How will DMT master my music?

Our team will do the job for you by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to replicate the process of a human engineer while mastering a track. 

  • First, the production style of your track is analyzed by referencing it to an extensive library of music genres to create a unique fingerprint. 
  • Based on the findings, a unique set of audio post-production processors (like compressors, EQs, enhancers, etc.) is created. It is targeted especially for your song.
  • Finally, the mastering software uses machine learning to adjust all parameters and renders the best version ready to be distributed.

What do you need to do to avail Deliver My Tune Mastering services?

It’s as simple as the click of a button. After you’ve signed up for our distribution services, you can find a mastering option before uploading your songs.
This will help you in enhancing the quality of your audio and make it consistent across all your tracks. You don’t need to hire an engineer separately or become one yourself. You can avail of our services at a very basic cost of ₹399 ($5.99) for Mp3 Mastering: 320kbps and ₹499 ($6.99) for Wav Mastering: 24 bit.

Sign up for Deliver My Tune’s services and leave the hassle of mastering your tracks to us.