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Blogging for Musicians: Why is it Important in the Music Industry

Blogging for Musicians in 2020 - Deliver My Tune

As musicians, we should fully digest the importance of blogging in our field. True, it might not be on the top of our priority list, but it is indeed a powerful tool that we can add to our marketing strategy checklist. The importance of blogging lies in the fact that it can serve various purposes, from acting as a platform to showcase our music, to engaging with our fans, reaching new audiences, enhancing our writing skills, stretching our creative muscle, and – if we have a website – it will boost our website’s search rankings.

In the world of art or music, we must find creative ways to distinguish ourselves from the competition.  And through blogging, we are able to differentiate ourselves, show the fans who the person behind the music is, and we are able to demonstrate our expertise.

Now, let’s get into the details of why, as a musician, it is important to have a blog.

It establishes a deeper connection with your fans.

The first best and clear benefit of blogging is engaging and staying connected with your fans. A blog is a place where we tell our stories, share entertaining experiences, discuss some insightful thoughts and topics, educate our fans, talk about music, give advice, share glimpses from behind the scene, and much more. It offers us an endless scope of things/topics/ideas that we can talk about and share with our audience.

Blogging for Musicians: Witness a dramatic increase in your Fan-Base

For artists, nothing would be more pleasing and cherished than growing the number of our audience. And a well-designed, formulated, and creative blog can be the best way to attract new fans, promote your music, increase the number of listeners, purchases, and downloads. Accordingly, your income as a musician will increase.

A Blog functions as a news site for your music.

Your blog can be a source of news for your fans. You can update them about your next release, upcoming concert or event, new collaborations, other personal news, etc. And being consistent with your blogging will get your fans to visit your website regularly. Hence, providing traffic to your site.

Blogging can harness your communication and writing skills.

Writing regularly and constantly will harness your communication and writing/songwriting skills. And it is worth noting that improving this skill is significant to effectively advertise and better present ourselves in public.

It optimizes your creative output

Running a blog means striving every day to provide fresh and creative content for your readers or else they will turn away from your blog. And that means you will read and write every day, learn new lists of intriguing words, discover some compelling combinations of words, hence, boosting your creativity.

As clarified, a blog might seem like a good idea for future investment! In the long run, a blog will have a positive impact on your brand, image, and sales. Moreover, it is the driving force behind your creativity that will make you stand out from the crowd. Of course, there many other ways to promote your music and increase your fanbase, but it is worth adding blogging for musicians as one of the main elements to do so.

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