What’s New on Instagram and Facebook for Artists in 2024

The landscape of social media is constantly evolving, with platforms like Instagram and Facebook introducing new features and updates to enhance user experience and support creators. In 2024, there have been significant changes and additions specifically aimed at helping artists and creators grow their audience, engage with fans, and monetize their content. This comprehensive guide will walk you through what’s new on Instagram and Facebook for artists in 2024, ensuring you stay updated and make the most out of these platforms.

Key Updates on Instagram

1. Enhanced Reels Features

Instagram has rolled out several updates to Reels, making it easier for creators to produce engaging content. New editing tools allow users to combine video clips, audio, stickers, and text in a unified editing screen, streamlining the creative process. Additionally, Instagram has introduced features like GIF comments on posts and Reels, allowing for more dynamic interactions.

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2. Broadcast Channels

A major new feature is the introduction of broadcast channels on Instagram. This one-to-many messaging tool enables creators to send text, video, photo updates, and voice notes directly to their followers. Followers can react to the content and participate in polls, enhancing engagement. This tool is designed to deepen connections between creators and their audience.

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3. Creator Marketplace

Instagram continues to expand its Creator Marketplace, facilitating collaborations between brands and creators. This platform helps artists find partnership opportunities, negotiate deals, and manage collaborations more efficiently.

4. Insights and Analytics

To help artists better understand their audience and performance, Instagram has improved its insights for Reels. New metrics like total watch time and average watch time provide detailed data on how long viewers engage with their content, enabling creators to optimize their videos for better engagement.

Reference – New Features on Instagram Reels: Trends, Editing and Gifts

5. AI-Generated Content Labels

Instagram has started labeling AI-generated images to maintain transparency. This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure users are aware when content is digitally created or altered, which helps in maintaining the authenticity of interactions on the platform.

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Key Updates on Facebook

1. Reels and Video Monetization

Facebook has made significant strides in supporting video content creators. New features include easier editing tools for Reels, the ability to create Reels from long-form videos, and enhanced insights. These tools help creators optimize their content and understand viewer engagement better.

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2. Professional Mode

Facebook’s Professional Mode has been expanded to provide more creators with access to tools that help grow their audience and monetize content. This includes features like a daily checklist for audience growth, new insights on engagement, and the ability to use ads to boost Reels.

Reference – Helping Creators Get Discovered and Earn Money on Facebook

3. Expanded Monetization Options

Facebook is expanding its monetization opportunities, allowing creators to earn through in-stream ads, performance bonuses, and Stars. These updates aim to reward high-quality content and support creators in building a sustainable income.

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4. AI and Content Management

Facebook is enhancing its AI capabilities to better manage and label AI-generated content. This includes developing classifiers to detect AI-generated images and videos and adding labels to ensure transparency. These measures are part of a broader effort to maintain the integrity of content shared on the platform.

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How to Make the Most of These Updates

Leveraging Broadcast Channels

Use broadcast channels to keep your audience engaged with regular updates and behind-the-scenes content. This tool is perfect for sharing exclusive content and building a closer relationship with your followers.

Optimizing Reels

Take advantage of the new Reels editing features to create visually engaging content. Use the insights provided to understand what resonates with your audience and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Collaborating Through Creator Marketplace

Join the Creator Marketplace to find brands that align with your artistic vision. This platform can help you secure lucrative partnerships and expand your reach.

Utilizing Professional Mode

Switch to Professional Mode on Facebook to access advanced insights and tools designed to grow your audience. Use the daily checklist to ensure you are consistently engaging with your followers.

Staying Transparent with AI-Generated Content

If you use AI tools to create content, make sure to label it appropriately. This transparency builds trust with your audience and aligns with platform guidelines.


Staying updated with what’s new on Instagram and Facebook is crucial for artists looking to grow their presence and engage with their audience effectively. The 2024 updates offer numerous tools and features designed to support creators in their journey. By leveraging these updates, you can enhance your content, engage more deeply with your followers, and build a sustainable career on these platforms.

For more details on these updates, visit Meta News and stay informed about the latest features and tools available.