What is Music Mastering? How to Master Your Music?

music mastering

Mastering is the final step of the music recording process. The purpose of mastering is to do audio restoration, stereo enhancement, EQ, optimize playbacks across different systems, and other audio treatments to enhance your track and to ensure consistency of sound between various tracks on an album. It also fixes the small mistakes which were missed in the final mix, such as hisses and clicks.

After mastering your music, you get an “audio master”, which is the final version of the song you created. And it is what you press on vinyl or burn to CD, it can be used for online streaming, download, or a radio play.

So what does mastering do to your song?

Mastering ensures consistency and uniformity of the musicality between multiple tracks on an album. It creates a clean and cohesive feeling across all your music. The Mastering process includes various techniques and steps, here are some of them:

  • Stereo enhancement: This technique deals with the spatial balance of your music. For example, It widens the mix, to make it sound bigger.
  • Audio restoration: This step fixes the unwanted clicks, pops, or hisses. It also fixes the small mistakes that are obvious when the un-mastered audio is amplified.
  • EQ: EQ-ing works on balancing your music. It enhances elements that need to stand out and makes sure that no specific frequency range is left sticking out.
  • Other song mastering techniques include compression to correct and enhance the dynamic range of your mix, loudness to create a peak ceiling, bit depth reduction & sample rate conversion, and finally, sequencing & spacing.

Why should you master your music?

Mastering gaps is the bridge between the process of creating and sharing music. It makes your audio sound complete, balanced, and professional. It brings your recording to the same level as any other song available so that it will sound best on any platform or device, whether you are sharing it online, pressing it on vinyl, or any other format. Music mastering allows you to release your work with confidence.

The final thing for you to know is that Deliver My Tune allows you to upload your audio tracks in various formats, and then it is digitally mastered using AI algorithms. The recording can then be distributed on any download and digital streaming platforms, like Apple Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Google Play Music, Shazam, Gaana, etc.