How To Make YouTube Singles That Can Go Viral

How to make your YouTube Singles Go Viral | Deliver My Tune

YouTube is one of the best platforms to share your music. Actually it is one of the best platforms to share pretty much anything. And with a whopping 2 billion active users globally, you can never go wrong with that. But with that number of active users, you are facing a savage competition, so it might take some extra blood, sweat, and tears to stand out among the thousands of other musicians on the platform.

Now, if you are asking whether it’s okay to post only a single song rather than a whole album? Well, the answer to that is a hefty number of successful artists’ career was built by hitting a great single song.

So how can you make music that can go viral on YouTube?

  1. Your music has to be genuinely unique and creative.
  2. Make music that is sharing-friendly. Allow viewers to easily embed your music videos on other websites or blogs, and add some social sharing buttons so that they can share on other media platforms as well.
  3. Make other YouTubers share your music.
  4. Collaborate with other semi-popular artists.
  5. Hold a YouTube live concert.
  6. Create covers for trendy songs.
  7. Do some self-advertising.
  8. Engage with your fans.
  9. Build anticipation for what’s coming by creating a teaser before the launch or release day.

Okay! Now what types of songs can go viral?

  1. Live Song: You can go through your old songs and re-release it as a live version.
  2. Instrumental Song: You can create an instrumental version of existing songs.
  3. Cover Song: Cover songs are real attention grabbers. So you can create a cover for a trendy song but don’t forget to add the name of the artist and original name of music to your title.
  4.  Your Newest Song: If it is a record you are proud of, then release it.
  5. Unreleased Song: Sharing a piece of unreleased music might be something genuinely spontaneous. And it can grab your audiences’ attention.  
  6. A Remix: Remixing and collaborating with other artists.
  7. A Song in a Different Language: Do you speak more than a language? Then record your best release in multiple languages and grow your fan base and sharing rates.

And for the final and most important element, which is luck! May it always be in your favor.
May the force be with you!