How Live Shows During And Post Pandemic Are Going To Be Like?

Live shows post pandemic | Deliver My Tune

“I’ve decided to cancel my tour. Up until a few months ago, pandemics were just something I thought existed in movies and the history books that we all read in school, little did any of us ever imagine we’d be living through one as I type this,”

Marshmello on July 29th.


Likewise, Lady Gaga, Kesha and many other endowed musicians and singers had to do too, this year. The fans and these singers were waiting eagerly but little did any of them knew that a pandemic will wipe it all off. Novel Coronavirus has made all of us stay locked inside our houses for long and even now as we are learning to live with it, there always remains a fear, “What if I am positive?” 

These tour cancellations were heartbreaking but if we look at the situation from ground level- There are many musicians and singers who already have good traction on their social media, but still many insanely talented ones who used to do live shows or perform as a band in pubs & bars left unrecognized. 


In this blog, we are making an attempt to dissect the future of live shows in particular in this unpredictable new normal. Let’s look at what it might be like. 

Shows with limited capacity

RSVP would be the norm. Intimate shows with a capacity of 15-20 people would be conducted to minimize the chances of virus spread. This goes for big established musicians and developing musicians/ singers both. To make it a high paying venture, the listeners would be charged more than usual. The big crowds and loud cheers and dances would not come back in fashion like before, that is long way ahead of us. 

Outdoors shows would be preferred more

The happening of outdoor concerts and live events would be promoted and appreciated largely. Be it parking lot, backyards, parks or open spaces outside the malls, the live shows will be set up here. This would be done to reduce the chances of spread and keeping it safe for one and all. 

Live Shows During Pandemic – The Way Ahead! 

The safety measures can be limiting but they are absolutely necessary. But, the good news is that live music is something that everyone is missing on and craving a lot for. The best part is that developing artists and performing artists will see a huge search in their demand. The same will happen for music lovers, not getting to listen music live has been devastating. The lovers of music are now more likely to go beyond their way to support artists and help them grow.

However, to unlock these potential opportunities in the coming time, you must also work towards building your fandom right now. So, get started with the virtual live events, release new music and stay active on social media. We are happy to help, get in touch with us at Deliver My Tune to make your song reach millions of people across the globe at a very nominal cost. 

Till then, 

Keep creating your best!