As promised that will be sharing with you the latest updates from Facebook, as we have them, so here it is. Facebook just released some interesting products that will help artists and creators reach more audiences. The inspiration behind the product concept came from the fact that there is tremendous interest from fans wanting to support their favourite artists.


The fan subscription feature will allow dedicated fans/audiences to support you through monthly paid subscriptions. In return, those fans will have access to exclusive content you post like videos, updates, polls, Q&As, behind the scene access, production process, access to your content catalogue or library, and many other premium contents. In addition, you can also provide your supporters with discount codes for merchandise, events, and other products, and send them call-outs on special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries.


Fans can support you through buying and sending you Stars in the comments of your videos, and you will earn 1 cent for every star you receive. You can even make more money by encouraging your community with shoutouts and other content that would push them to show you love and get you paid.


Facebook is helping artists manage their online presence through a new dashboard called the Creator Studio. The dashboard will allow you to post and schedule content on your Facebook pages, edit and fix your posts, manage your content from a mobile app that features detailed insights about your posts, and connect with your audience. The dashboard supports multi-account support and pushes instant in-app notifications for key milestones.

Hope that you will take advantage of these exciting new tools soon.

Until next time.