Does an Indie artist need a music manager?

If you are an indie artist, you would’ve considered getting a manager at some point. But do you really need one? Let’s find out.

If you want to establish a firm foothold in the music industry, hiring a music manager will make things easier for you as there’s a lot to be done. You need to maintain relationships in the industry for growth and the first professional relationship you should acquire is that with a manager.

Here’s why you should get a music manager for yourself:

There’s only one of you and loads to be done
The biggest thing that a manager can offer is the opportunity to focus only on your music. They can take off the pressure by taking care of the business side of things while you take care of the creative aspect. If you delegate all the time-consuming things to someone who is efficient in handling them, you save a lot of time for yourself to create music and they will be able to do them better since they are professionals.

Managers are good at networking
Managers usually have good communication skills and they know people you don’t know and such relationships help you gain success in your journey. They can connect you with other artists they’ve worked with, venue owners, labels, sponsors, etc. Good managers work as good ambassadors for your brand image.

Managers know how to earn more revenue

They see ways to earn money that you may not necessarily know or understand yet. They help you in earning more from your brand and music. They are motivated to do that because if you make money, they make money. Yes, they do charge a fee for their expertise but if they also do something you’d otherwise pay someone else to do, booking gigs for example, then the cost is worth the time and hard work they put into building up your career.

Some other things music managers do:

  • They are good middle people to negotiate and help mediate opportunities.
  • They give you credibility as a professional music artist
  • They make sure taxes, scheduling, merchandise and other small business details are in order.
  • They give you advice on your next move to help you boost your career.
  • Once you’ve established yourself in the industry, they build a team for you including your accountant, lawyer, publicists etc.

If you are just getting started and you don’t have a big budget to hire a professional, take help from friends or relatives who are interested or want to work in the industry themselves. Or if someone is a big enough fan of your music that they are willing to work at a minimal fee.

Consider hiring a manager and don’t let the burden of managing everything by yourself get in the way of your creative process.