6 Ways For Songwriters To Optimize Creative Output


As musicians, artists, or songwriters, we all make our living by being creative.

Every day, we have to come up with something new. We challenge our creative mindset and push it past its comfort zone to reach its extreme potential. But most of the time, we don’t have the luxury of sitting around until we get inspired.

So how can we, as songwriters, optimize our creative output? Through constant practice.

Here are some ways to dramatically optimize that creative muscle and keep it working.

Fill your schedule “inputs” activities that would help you achieve the “outputs” you are looking for.

Successful people with goals build their entire lives around to-do lists. As an artist, you can get some really good results by planning, even if it is planning to be spontaneous. So get yourself efficient and build your entire day around intervals of time when you wake up when you go for a walk and reflect, read, listen, write, and learn something new.

The right mindset for when things go wrong.

Never be afraid to fail. Sometimes, failure can be more beneficial than success. It teaches us a lot, it exposes us to new experience, it helps us reflect and take various things into perspective, it builds resilience, and most importantly, it helps us grow and improve. Maintain this mindset and know that it is okay to fail a couple of times before succeeding. This will make you a good songwriter.

Extend that exquisite list of vocabulary.

Read every day. Learn new words and make a list out of them. Compiling a list of intriguing words can help you juxtaposition and discover some compelling combinations of words, which you wouldn’t have thought about. This element of chance will help songwriters enhance their writing process.

Be prepared to get your song-writing ideas from everywhere.

For artists, the world is filled with rhythm, movement, harmony, and pattern. To you everything is music. You absorb the world you exist in and translate it into your writing, so make sure you are always prepared for that with a handy notebook or a note app, for when the inspiration comes.

Songwriters are Artists.

You are a visionary. You are a creator. Keeping that in mind, know that there are no rules in songwriting. You create the rules. You define your art. So always be confident of your abilities and of what you are presenting. And the only thing that you should consider is that: listeners have expectations.

Unplug : Pause the body and rest the brain.

Alan Cohen once said, “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” It is a fact that some of your best ideas will come when you are not even trying to use your brain to come up with a great idea. It might come when you are taking a shower, resting, sleeping, driving, eating, or even hiking. So if you are having a hard time coming up with a new idea, grant that brain the rest it deserves and let your subconscious mind wander to get you your next great idea.

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