Get Paid from Your Music | Deliver My Tune

The digital age has granted artists more revenue-generating opportunities than ever before, from distributing music to selling merchandise and monetizing music. Indie artists have access to more options and sources to stream their income.

Let’s explore some ways that can help to get paid from your music:

Distribute Your Music

By getting your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, Jiosaavn, and other platforms, you are making your music available for fans everywhere. But these platforms are also providing you with an opportunity to promote your music, sell it, and grow your fan base organically.

These streaming platforms recommend your music to listeners who have never heard your music before, and these listeners might be your future fans as well, who will pay for and stream your music.

Sync Your Music

Syncing your music or (placements) refers to licensing your music to be used in the TV/Film industry, be it in TV shows, advertising, or even movies. These placements can be arranged through music supervisors or placement agents.

How can you Sync your music? 

  • Find a convenient website to sync your music.
  • Submit a couple of tracks and wait for their approval.
  • Once approved, you can upload as much as you want to their library and have your music synced.

YouTube Content IDs

With YouTube’s #1 place in the music streaming services, you can always guarantee a high number of streams on the platform. And since you are uploading your music on the platform, why not get paid for it as well. YouTube has a system called Content ID, and this ID works like a fingerprint. So whenever someone uploads your music on the platform, the system detects it, and you get paid for it.

Sell Your Merchandise

Fans always want something authentic or tangible that comes from the artist. You can’t offer what they want through a digital stream or a download. But one way to do it is through selling merchandise. You can sell merch like t-shirts, stickers, hats, badges or any other thing. Selling merch is always an easy option to nicely boost your income.

It might not be easy to earn money as an artist, but there surely are hell a lot of ways to do it. And Deliver My Tune can help you get started with your quest. Sign up now!