Why Offline Music Marketing is Important


In today’s digital world online marketing has become the new norm for rising artists. Online marketing has enabled artists to reach a bigger number of audience easily. So spending time creating social media posts, sharing videos/links to your new releases, and engaging virtually with your audience is important to promote your music. But this doesn’t mean that we should be neglecting the real world. Offline music marketing should be as important as online marketing, and it is still one of the vital parts of music promotion.

Here are 5 reasons why offline music marketing will always matter.

Your followers are human beings, and we are born wired for connections.

Online interaction must happen to keep your audience entertained, engaged, and updated, but don’t just consider your listeners, fans, followers, or stats. Grasp every chance you get to meet with them. You can take some time after a show to get into a conversation with them and thank them for showing up.

Word of mouth is a real thing.

A good old word of mouth review is as powerful as an extensive online marketing campaign. It is a powerful marketing strategy and people still hold the opinion of their family members and friends higher than any marketing campaign. So make sure you get your music involved in your community, social circle, and real life.

Your presence is important.

It is important that you make a personal connection with your audience. Your music should not be about how you feel or what you mean when you write it and sing it. Rather, it should be about the fact that people perceive it similarly as well. You have to be present in the real world, communicating your music, communicating who you are and where your inspiration is coming from. And this can be achieved through attending shows, events, local parties, radio spots, or even festivals.

It is hard to replace live music.

Performing live music is slightly different than performing live music on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. True, your music can be loved if exposed to thousands or even millions of listeners online but the magic of a big event with an incredible setting will leave a bigger and better impression. You will truly have your listener’s attention and your music will impact them in a meaningful way.

Network if you want to level up.

You need to understand the importance of meeting the right people at the right time. Networking helps to grow your audience and your revenue. It helps you reach your next goal in life, it helps you create an extensive network of resources and connections, receive mentorship, and most importantly, it gets more opportunities thrown in your way.

You can always work on balancing both your online and offline music marketing efforts, this way you can get the best of both worlds.