Social media campaigns to think off while launching your own music

Let’s address the elephant in the room, Social Media consists of a huge portion of being an artist especially in the music industry.  Social media is majorly used to grow your fanbase, keep them from getting bored or losing your existing fans. The task here is to not grow or gain followers but also to gain support from loyal ones. Social media gives you access to millions of people looking for the next big talent in music or any other industry. Nearly half of the world’s population now uses social media. 

Few of the ways to promote your music launch on social media are: 

  1. Teasers: For launching a brand new track, dropping a short teaser on your social profiles can get your followers a taste of the main course music and what to expect also build hype around your music easily. Things to keep in mind while releasing a teaser is to keep it short and sweet if it’s a music release a short clip from the video will do the job, if it’s just a track, make sure to add some graphics to grab people’s attention while they scroll through the timeline/feed. Be creative and mysterious.
    Additionally, you could also add a pre-order link to generate extra interest. Pre-Order can be set up through the best music distributors and labels. 
  2. Partnerships: Partnering your promotional stuff with a brand or other artists of the bigger or equal following or reputation can somehow double your reach and impressions. There are plenty of potential routes you can take, you could also team up with another artist and generate content for each other’s profiles. This will help you reach out to a new set of fans who already like the kind of music you make. Also if you’re lucky enough you can secure a sponsorship or partnership, merging your promotional and social media efforts with a relevant brand can result in a massive boost to your reach and publicity.
  3. Live Video: Live video is a massively underrated tool, which isnt just restricted to Facebook but Twitter and Instagram also have it. Shooting a live video of your gig, or one-off acoustic performance is a great and obvious way to use live video. Hosting Q&A  also will help you in gaining more engagement.
  4. Polls:  Polls are incredible ways to boost your social media for a number of reasons, follower participation is easy, and there is no pressure for the wrong answers and it gives you an opportunity to learn directly from your fans,
    Twitter is well known for its polls, and posting is quite easy. Facebook also follows a similar process to create polls. For Instagram, polls are available through the stories so you could mix them with your short video stories. 

The only thing is that you would need to plan well ahead of events  when creating a social media strategy. Structure it well and don’t be afraid to change things on the go. Scheduling your post around your gigs would give a little extra boost, in the end, each strategy is unique to ach artist, you might have to play around a bit until you hit the right spot.