How to Release Music without a Label?

The music industry has shown some radical changes in the past few years. Nowadays, many independent artists in the industry, without the support of any label are successfully breaking the stereotypes. The new generation of artists definitely knows how to release music without labels and take off their careers. 

So how did this music revolution take place? Well, this is where the independent music distributor comes into play. 

Who is an Independent Music Distributor?

Independent music distributor acts as a mediator between the singer and online portals. The artist is required to upload a song, EP, or album at the distributor website by paying a small amount and waiting for the music to go live on the significant online stores. It is not easy for an artist to release music directly on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify, but you have to ensure that your songs are up to the mark before uploading them.

The independent music distributor built an easier path for the artist, bands, and producers to sell songs to a broader audience and earn royalties from popular streaming platforms. It sounds exciting or easy, and definitely, it is. But there are a few things that you should consider before releasing your songs independently. 

Get an Amazing Recording

Regardless of how unique your track is but you require professional and high–quality recording in mp3 or WAV format for recording. Only in this format, the file is accepted by online stores. 

 An artist has two choices for recording and mixing. First, if you know an experienced producer and have access to production software and microphones, then recording the song at your home is easy and cost-effective to prepare your music. Although, it is the only reliable option if you have a setup like an acoustic singer and songwriter. 

On the other hand, if you have four or five members and do not know anything about music production, it is advisable to head over towards the studio. If you have the budget, search for a local producer and record your track professionally. 

Build Your Album Artwork

Every single track, EP, and album you will release requires some attractive album artwork along with it. Album art plays a significant role but gives more attention towards the releasing part. It is the first impression you will create on listeners, and it will become the deciding factor for your song to become a hit. 

The artwork file should be 3000 x 3000 pixels and include only text with the song and artist names. It required presenting everything in a well–organized form because an album cover can help you stand apart from crowd singers. 

Get a Distributor

Various music distributors are out there, so before deciding anything, do your part of the research and select the best option. You are required to pay annual fees to release your music independently, but some aggregators allow you to keep 100% of your royalties while others take some percentage out of it. 

It is also worth checking what other services the distributor is paying for. Such as that, you can add pre-release and worldwide chart registration forms in your song. Is there an opportunity for promoting the song? These are crucial questions to ask while considering a distributor and releasing music without a label

Make Plan about Release Strategy

A planned and effective release strategy is essential for any independent artist to ensure that their songs become hit and streamed online. You can’t release the music directly and hope for the best. Ideally, it would be best to plan which date you should release. 

Beginner artists don’t have that much budget to hire PR or press to announce a song release date. So the best approach is to use social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide you with the best medium to promote your release date.

Get and Start Now 

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